Never underestimate the power of the dark side

“Never underestimate the power of the dark side”. So says Yoda to Luke in the second Star Wars trilogy. Words learned from bitter experience.

I took time out to see Episode III this morning.

At this point I’m thinking about the connection between the force and love in Star Wars. There’s a lot in this episode about the fear of loss and its connection with evil. Loving freedom enough to fight as its advocate can become twisted if one becomes addicted to being the advocate. Compassion for a loved one can become an evil passion if one does not let go of entitlement. I’m reminded of CS Lewis’ story, “The Great Divorce”, in which a mother’s selfish love for her child consumes her in a way that prevents her from truly loving.

Anakin and Padme

I thought the scenes between Anakin and Padme seemed stilted and over sentimentalized. And maybe they were meant to be that way. Padme wonders if they really have connected as real people truly seeing each other. Or are they still in love with their perception of each other. Dishonesty can enter loving relationships when one is afraid of being rejected. Likewise, self deceit can raise its head when one is afraid of being disappointed. Knowing and expressing the truth are pivotal in the resistance of fatal addiction.

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  1. OMG! Great! Luv it! I really like that picture of Padme… particularly cuz I’m totally obsessed with her!

    Great Job!

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