Podcasts from Cedar Ridge

I’ve enjoyed listening to Brian McLaren speaking during the commuting hours, the last two days. Cedar Ridge Community Church in Baltimore, Maryland (near Washington DC) have moved from RAM streaming of sermons, to full downloadable MP3 files at their blogspot site.

It’s called podcasting – from the concept of sending material to someone who can download it to their iPod. If I had the iPod connected to the car that would be simple. In the meantime, I’m just burning a CD each time I want to listen to a sermon. And it does take a whole CD – 50 minute sermons these are. Just the right amount to get me from school drop off on the Gold Coast to the office in Brisbane. And I’m listening to the same talk again on the way home to catch the bits I missed the first time round.

So far I’ve listened to Brian talking on the “power in our mouths” and the “power on our wrists”. The Power in Your Mouth is a valuable reminder to speak positively into the lives of others, and to find others to mentor us. A valuable reminder – particularly in the face of public criticism. The Power on Your Wrist is an excellent invitation to find ways of using our God-given time with integrity.

There are a few other preachers on the site:
Patsy Fratanduono, Jimi Calhoun, and Keith Matthews. I’m looking forward to hearing from them as well.

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