Stanley Grenz passes on legacy of generous orthodoxy

Just caught up on the news that Stanley Grenz has died. At Paul Fromont’s “Prodigal Kiwi” blog:

What a shock. Stanley would have been 55 this year.

Stanley Grenz is known for his contribution to a progressive Evangelical engagement with postmodernity in the United States.

Stanley Grenz and his books

Stanley Grenz books

Primer on Postmodernism, 1996. The first chapter gives us the beautiful metaphor for modernism and postmodernism – Star Trek as a series. The first series – boldness and certainty. The second series – humility, subtlety and uncertainty. It’s on the list for this research blog.

Theology for the Community of God, 2000. An exploration of the challenges of doing theology, drawing on a wide range of traditions. I’ll be exploring this at some point at God Post.

Renewing the Center: Evangelical Theology in a Post-Theological Era, 2000. Here Stanley’s paving the way for a more ‘generous orthodoxy’ in which Christians can get over the polarisation between Evangelical and Liberal.

Rediscovering the Triune God, 2004. An exploration of trinitarian theology – forming the basis for a relational approach to Christian faith.

I’m glad Stanley managed to publish so much of his thinking. I’m sad that I won’t get the chance to meet him in person, or dialogue with him online, or see his ongoing development of theology.

The official site of Stanley Grenz is at

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