Ten Recent TV Campaigns

Over at Duncan’s TV Adland I’ve made the most of holidays to add ten new television advertising campaigns.

Carlton Midstrength Shed
I’ve featured one of the four TV ads promoting Carlton Midstrength beer of choice for Australian men in their sheds. The series revolves around a group of neighbours who invent excuses to head out to their sheds. Once inside the collude to transform their connected buildings into a men’s club.

Bud Light Sleigh Ride
A Christmas offering from this time last year. A couple sit in their one-horse open sleigh, lapping up the romantic atmosphere. The guy gives his girl friend a candle while he reaches for the Bud Light. Unfortunately the horse farts, turning the candle into a fireball.

Nine MSN Mad World
A review of the year’s world events to the tune of the Tears for Fears song, “Mad World”, sung by a children’s choir. The photography is simple but profound.

What is that sound?
Hear and Say Centre, a Queensland-based programme for deaf children and their parents, is promoted in this ad with seven children listening to British jazz/ambient duo Lamb on their headphones.

Britney Spears Fantasy
Britney Spears promotes her new Elizabeth Arden perfume with the enactment of her fantasy, a tryst in the forest with a hunter, played by her husband of course. There’s also a reference to the earlier commercial for the first perfume, Curiosity.

King Kong Ford Ranger
A Thai advertisement for a Ford truck featuring Son of Kong.

BMF Christmas Greeting
Sam Kekovich returns to cajole advertising clients into putting more into their campaign budgets in 2006.

Ebay It
Three TV spots using the word ‘it’ to convey the universality of Ebay’s service. Whatever it is, you can find it on Ebay.

Mazda Virals
Brats, Moustache, Women Driver’s Smooth Parking, Parking Warden Flytrap, Golf Driving Grazes, TV Boxes, Little Squirt, Megawash, Mannequins and Car Wars – all advertisements released virally by Mazda UK.

King Kong VW Touareg
A glimpse into the marketing partnership between King Kong and Volkswagen.

I’ve also added the V Bugs ad (rolling in a can) to an earlier post on V energy drink commercials.

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