Time Magazine Christmas Profile on Art of Joseph

Time Magazine, as usual, has a religious feature in the week before Christmas. This year it’s an article by David Van Biema on Joseph.

Van Biema starts with the personal story behind the publication of “The Forgotten Man of Christmas” by Howard Edington, Senior Pastor at Providence Presbyterian Church, Hilton Head Island, South Carolina.

Time Magazine Joseph article

The article moves on to Jerry Jenkins‘ book, “Holding Heaven“, published in September this year. And Anne Rice‘s book, “Christ the Lord: Out of Egypt“, published in November.

Van Biema provides a fascinating review of literature, art and theology through the centuries, spanning apocraphyal writings of the second century BCE, and medieval connections with the nuclear family and hard work. He draws from the work of Louise Bourassa Perrotta in her book, “Saint Joseph: His Life and His Role in the Church Today“.

The article is online at Time Canada. On the main Time web site there’s an associated online photo essay featuring:

‘The Virgin Mary’s Walk across the Mountains’, by Joseph von Fuelrich.
‘Marriage of the Virgin Mary’, Pietro Perugino.
‘The Holy Family with a Small Bird’, by Bartolomeo Esteban Murillo.
‘The Childhood of Christ’, by Gerrit van Honthorst.
‘Rest on the Flight to Egypt’, by Simone Cantarini.
‘St Joseph and the Christ Child’, unknown artist, Cuzco, Peru.
‘St Joseph and the Christ Child Enthroned with Four Angels’, School of Cuzco.
‘Death of St Joseph’, Piazzetta Giambattista.
‘The Childhood of Christ’, Gerrit van Honthorst.
‘Marriage of the Virgin Mary’, Pietro Perugino.

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