Tongue on quest for Tooheys Extra Dry

Ask around Australia for the most memorable bad taste television advertisement and you’re likely to get “that one with the tongue and the dry beer”. A man and woman lie in bed asleep. And then the tongue jumps out of the guy’s mouth. It heads out the door, crosses the street and wends its way through the party to find the bath full of water. Down it plunges until it finds a bottle of Tooheys Extra Dry. Back the tongue goes, attached to the bottle. Arriving home it jumps back into the guy’s mouth. He wakes up to find he’s drinking ‘in his sleep’.

Tongue on quest in Tooheys Extra Dry TV ad

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It all happens to the throbbing sound of DJ DJ Benny Benassi‘s track, Satisfaction, a single with Ministry of Sound. “Push me. And then just touch me. Until I get my satisfaction.”

The Quest was developed for Lion Nathan at BMF (Brown Melhuish Fishlock), Sydney, by creative director Warren Brown, creatives Andrew Petch and Andrew Ostrom and agency producer Sue Stewart.

Filming was shot by director Garth Davis via Exit Films, Melbourne with director of photography Robert Humphreys and producer Karen Sproul.

Animation was done by The Mill, London, by animation producer Stephen Venning, Lead Animator Jordi Bares, animators Max Solomon, Ludovic Walsh, Rob Van Den Bragt, Satoko linuma, Previs animator Jean Claude Deguara, Lead Flame artist Chris Knight and Flame assist David Birkill, colorist Paul Harrison and producer Jo Arghiris.

Sound was designed by Barry Stewart at Sound Reservoir.

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