Bill Cosby’s Noah Skit

Bill Cosby tells the story of Noah, a carpenter with an African American accent, who is given a mission to save the world.

Noah, Right!

Bill Cosby as a very worried NoahNoah is working in his workshop when he’s launched into a conversation with God. Noah’s not used to receiving instructions from God but finally enters into the spirit of the exercise by providing God with advice on limiting the rain to forty days and forty nights and letting the sewers back up.

Noah and the Neighbor

Noah interacts with the neighbour who’s not impressed with having an ark in the driveway. “How long can you tread water?” is the only clue Noah’s giving out.

Noah: Me and You Lord

Noah’s had it up to his neck with animal troubles, including elephant birth. And so he’s not impressed when God asks him to exchange a male hippopotomus for a female.

Bill Cosby Noah Routine Online

Jacob Richman has the Noah routine script online.

Bill’s performance of the Noah routine on Paar’s Tonight Show in 1962 is available as a short video clip at EVTV1, and on the DVD, The Jack Paar Collection.

Bill Cosby AmazonBill’s classic audio recording of the Noah routine was recorded on his debut album, “Bill Cosby is a Very Funny Fellow Right!”, recorded live in 1963 at the Bitter End Club in Greenwich Village, New York.

Bill Cosby is a very funny fellow – right! CD at

Since 1998 there’s been talk of a feature film built on Bill Cosby’s Noah routine. Cosby is meant to be writing and starring in the movie. But I haven’t seen any sign of it yet.

Download Bill Cosby’s audio Noah routine from iTunes:

Bill Cosby - Bill Cosby Is a Very Funny Fellow...Right!

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