Coexist a symbol of reconciliation

Coexistence was one of the highlights of the U2 Vertigo concert I attended in Brisbane. Bono wore a headband with the word “Coexist”, and the word “Coexist” appeared in the light show, during songs such as “Sunday Bloody Sunday”.

Coexist Banner in Museum on the Seam exhibition

The “Coexist” symbol incorporates the crescent of Islam as the C, the cross of Christianity as the T, and the Jewish Star of David as the X in the middle. Bono referred to this symbol as he sang, “Jesus, Jew, Muhammad, it’s true…All sons of Abraham. Father Abraham, speak to your sons. Tell them, No more!”

Bono first saw the “Coexist” symbol painted as grafitti on a wall in Chicago. The origins of the icon come from Poland in 2001 where graphic designer Piotr Mlodozeniec entered it in an international art competion run by the Museum on the Seam, Jerusalem. The symbol was registered as a trademark by an Indiana-based t-shirt company in 2005, unaware of its origins. See the lifestyle brand at

Apparently U2 still have the challenge of working out an agreement that will acknowledge Mlodozeniec as the artist and Museum on the Seam as the copyright holder. I wonder if Coexist still believe they have a strong foothold on the financial gains associated with the symbol.

The Project Abraham forum on peacemaking on the Gold Coast back on the 12th of November. It became a powerful carrier of meaning for the Jews, Muslims and Christians searching together for a way to live out a life of positive engagement in life, together. points to another website,, a network dedicated to positive social change.

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  1. it's the “hundredth monkey” thing…many people thought of it at the same time cause it's an evolutionary process/concept.

  2. The problem with this symbol is that it says that all religions take to the same God and that could not be farther from the truth. There is only one way to God and that is Jesus Christ, the Son, who gave His life for all.

  3. I am Christian and know that Christ is existence, which means that you simply have to exist to go through Christ to get to the TRUE FATHER, which is one and the same God to each other, Christ and the same Holy Spirit of all religions, regardless of their fantic bullies.

  4. I feel there should be a global COEXIST day. These can be acknowledged through major events and MeDia, raid ios and tellusvisions.

    Domestic bullies terrorize true Christians into a spiritual warfare. When we quantify the punishment we face because of the leader’s iniquities of polarizing of the ‘enemy’ we
    need to focus on the First Two Commandments.

    In the case of the golden rule which follows from the First Commandment is “Do unto others …” The scary part is if religous leaders are masochists involving us to partake in their spiritual hatreds and find their reasons and persuasions to justify why they have an exception to disobey these commandments.

    Domestic bullies are the one’s that become terrorists. I suppose if you are in a situation that is volatile, you’d probably try to get your group to hate some external enemy so your punishment for not following the commandments is not to great to bear.

  5. Statements that advocate that their way and beliefs and only theirs are the truth are exactly why we need MORE education about diversity.
    I am Christian but I also respect the beliefs of other people.
    I may disagree but I will not be the one to judge them.
    Anyone who claims that they know better is making thier own judgement. Unfortunately, many of those judgements are based more on irrational fears, misunderstandings and/or hatred.
    I am a mere mortal. Who is it that I can pass judgement on anyone?

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