Hansaplast Condoms Mom Said I Could

Hansaplast went viral with their promotion of condoms in ‘Maman’, a television commercial about a French-speaking boy who doesn’t know the meaning of ‘No’. The ad begins in a classroom at lunch time. In contrast to the healthy eaters in his class, our young daredevil is enjoying an ice cream sundae. He turns to his fellow classmates and says, “Ma maman m’a dit que je peux!” (My mom said I could). Next shot he’s at the pet store buying a snake. Once again, he tells the shopkeeper, “Ma maman m’a dit que je peux!”

Boy taunts classmates with his icecream sundae

In the tattoo parlour he gives the same line to the tattoo artist. Back in the classroom his teacher walks in to find him cutting up a chair with a chainsaw. Revving the chainsaw he cheekily yells his excuse. Next he’s been pulled over in a sportscar. The traffic policeman gets the same line. He climbs into a plane with parachute on his back, telling the pilot his mom said he could. And now for the climax. He’s at home in his pyjamas. He prances down the corridor to his mother’s room. “Mom, can I put the cat in the washing machine?” And the answer through the door? “Oui! Oui! Oui! Oui! Oui!” The text comes up: “Hansaplasst Condoms. Pure Pleasure.”


The Maman ad was created for Beiersdorf by TBWA\France, Paris, by Erik Vervroegen, Chris Garbutt and Matthew Branning.

Filming was shot by director Frank Devos via Lovo Films and La Même Production, with director of photography Sacha Wiernik.

Music is “Hey Ya!” by Outkast.


The television ad won awards at Epica 2004 for Toiletries and Health Care and at Eurobest 2004 for Toiletries and OTC Pharmacy.

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  1. i love this ad . Does anyone know the song or who sung it? I’m looking everywhere to find it but haven’t yet.

    Email me if you know it please:) Oh i dont mean the outcast version.


  2. Hey, I love this commercial, its awesome. I mostly only watch it now for the song, I wish I knew what that was called. Please email me ASAP if you know the band or the song.

    Thanks very much.

  3. hey ya i forgot who is the singer.. i think it’s the same band who sang who let’s the dogs out.. ah! outcast.. the band called outcast

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