Duncans TV Music Videos

Duncan’s TV Music Videos blog started in December. I’ve been posting about once a week.

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First post was on the Bono/Alicia Keys collaboration, “Don’t Give Up, Africa“. Since then the following have been added:

Coldplay Speed of Sound
A fantastic light show

Green Day: Boulevard of Broken Dreams
The story of Jesus of Suburbia making his solitary way into the city.

Bright Eyes: At the Bottom of Everything
Passengers on a crashing plane come to terms with life and death in different ways.

Sarah McLachlan: World on Fire
A challenge to the priorities of the music industry, taking the cost of making a music video and donating it to charity projects around the world.

Eminem: When I’m Gone
Marshall Mathers raps about his realisation that his preoccupation with performing was destroying his family relationships. Could this be his swansong?

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