Wolfblass Chant For Your Army At Cricket Match

Wolf Blass, the Australian wine, promoted their sponsorship of the Ashes cricket series with Chant For Your Army, a virtual stadium at www.chantforyourarmy.com. Visitors to the site are invited to join either the supporters of the English or Australian teams. Actually there’s nothing to stop people from entering as many times as they like. The English are outnumbered two to one. “Rule Britannia” competes with “Waltzing Matilda”. The site allocates you a seat in the crowd and allows you to meet up with others, learning their names and reading their chants. There’s a fairly basic text-to-speech feature which gives you a taste of your chant in the mouths of others.

Chant For Your Army


The Chant For Your Army interactive site was developed at Blue Digital Services, part of Clemenger BBDO, Melbourne. The 2006/2007 Ashes series was played in Australia from 23 November 2006 to 5 January 2007. I wonder if this site will still be around for the next series in 2009…

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