Sneaux Shoes on Human Skateboard

Sneaux Shoes (pronounced Snow Shoes) has launched a consumer-generated video campaign with a stop-motion video of a human skateboard. The professional TV ad features a skateboarder using another kid as a “human skateboard” and performing classic skateboarding tricks like ollies, grinds and 360s.

Sneaux Shoes Human Skateboarding

Click on the image below to play the Human Skateboard video.

Sneaux Shoes, the skateboarding sneaker company, was founded in 2005 in association with Steve-O of Jackass fame. Previous advertising campaigns developed by MFP have included the Sneaux Shoes Circus.


The Sneaux Shoes human skateboard campaign was developed at MFP (Margeotes Fertitta Powell), New York, by chief creative officer Neil Powell, creative director Luca Grelli, producer Dan Kaplan, art director Kris Delaney, copywriter Mary Williams, managing director Lisa Fabiano, account supervisor Marnie Baretz, and account executive Aly Christianson.

Filming was directed by PES, (Adam Pesapane) via Anonymous Content, with animator/cinematographer Ivan Abel and producer Greg Jones.

PES created the film entirely in-camera (Canon D20) and on location through the use of a stop-motion animation technique known as pixilation. Says PES: “This spot is a great example of the breadth of stop-motion. If something exists in the real world, it can be animated.”

Editing and sound design was done by Sam Welch at Homestead Editorial, New York.

See the user-generated Human Skateboard videos at

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