Last Supper photographed by Mamedov

Raoef (or Rauf) Mamedov is a film director based in Moscow, known for his fascinating photographic renditions of well-known Christian pieces of art. Originally from Azerbaidjan, Mamadov worked as a social worker in a psychiatric hospital before studying at the Gerasimov Institute of Cinematography. He is now professor at the Institute and is a director for Central Television in Moscow.

Mamedov began work as an artist in 1997 with two photo projects known as “The Last Supper” and “Adam and Eve.” The Last Supper consists of five photographs featuring models with Down’s Syndrome, each posing in positions similar to the characters in the Leonardo Da Vinci mural of the same name. Mamedov continued with the same approach, covering a number of New Testament gospel stories.

Rauf Mamedov rendition of the Last Supper

Mamedov’s photographs are on display with Silverstein Photography and Lilja Zakirova Gallery. Look out for “Ecce Homo”, “The Betrayal by Judas”, “The Annunciation”, Epiphany, Birth, and Gethsemane scenes.

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