Stella Luna Noble Ladies and their shoes

Chinese shoe manufacturers, Stella Luna, launched their autumn/winter catalogue with a print advertisement campaign, “Noble Ladies”. It’s now a year since Stella International branched out from making products for other companies, such as Prada, opened their own outlets and marketed their own brands.

Noble ladies promote Stella Luna shoes

Stella will have to work hard to live down the shadow surrounding the working conditions of its workers in previous years. In April 2004 a number of striking workers were sent to prison under charges of intentionally destroying property. They had been protesting the company’s reduction of wages and hours without adjusting work output expectations. On December 31 the workers were released.

Noble ladies promote Stella Luna shoes


The Noble Ladies campaign was developed at Ideology Advertising Agency, Taiwan, by executive creative director Shu Shun-Ying, copywriter Javes Tang and Ink Lin, and art director Slance Shen.

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  1. do you have a website where i can view your product range. I’m after a specific pair of shoes that my friend bought from Thailand. I’m in australia, are there any local retailers? or can i buy online?

  2. do you have a website with your catalogue.
    I bought many pairs of stella luna’s shoes in Beijing but I live in Brazil and I would like to buy on line, is it possible?

  3. do you have a website where I can buy your products. I’m in belgium I don’t know where to buy it here. I would like to buy one online.

  4. I have been looking for stellaluna shoes here in England but unfortunately none of the stores sells it…is there a website i can buy online…..

  5. help me
    i crazy i want the shoes stella luna (5 pairs)
    i can buy online…NO IS IMPOSSIBLEEEEEEE!!!
    i live in france

  6. I’ve went to the store it’s a girls dream
    Modern and luxurious and
    all the shoes are ohh soo pretty
    there is one shoe that i like it’s flat and cute
    the color is very nice and it’s metalic and on the very center of your toe it’s a gemstone(?)
    and it’s super duper cute (it cause 4000 php
    and there cute)

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