Axe Dark Chocolate Man

Axe Dark Temptation Deodorant is promoted as a fragrance irresistible to women in “Chocolate Man”, a television commercial from Argentina. It’s the kind of advertisement that could either whet your appetite for canoodling, or creep you out.

Chocolate Man Snack

The spot from Unilever begins with a man spraying himself with the Dark Temptation. As he walks through the day we see he’s turned into a man of chocolate. Women can’t get enough of him. The chocolate man becomes the source of chocolate sprinkles, movie snacks and hot chocolate (melted arm) at a fondue party. He’s as irresistable as chocolate.

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Chocolate Man was developed at Vegaolmosponce, Buenos Aires, Argentina, by exexcutive creative director Hernán Ponce, copywriter Mario Crudele, art director Martín Ponce, account supervisor Néstor Ferreyro, agency producers Roberto Carsillo and Jose Silva, with brand planning director Diego Luque, client services director Vanina Rudaeff, advertiser’s supervisors Pablo Gazzera, Tomás Marcenaro, Hernán De Majo and Fernando Laratro.

Filming in Los Angeles was shot by director Tom Kuntz via MJZ, Los Angeles, with executive producers David Zander and Jeff Scruton, producer Scott Kaplan, director of photography Harris Savides.

Editing was done at Final Cut by Carlos Arios. Sound was designed and arranged at La Casa Post Sound.

Post production was done at The Mill, Los Angeles, by VFX supervisors David Parker and Robert Kolbeins, Flame artists Phil Crowe, Des Anwar, Garry Brown, Pheng Sisopha and Adam Grint, Flame assistant Randy McEntee, Shake artist Becky Porter, Combustion artists Jeanette Williford and Daniel Price, CG animator Suraj Odedra, and producer Sarah Scruton.

Telecine was produced by colorist Stefan Sonnenfled at Company 3.

The actor’s chocolate man rubber suit was developed at Stan Winston Studio.

The Chocolate Man won a Gold Lion at the Cannes International Advertising Festival, 2008.

A Sweet Touch of Love

Music is A Sweet Touch of Love, by Allen Toussaint.

When a cold chill begins to burn at your very soul
That’s the sweet touch of love
Oh, when it’s the drop of a name begins to sting your very toes
That’s the sweet touch of love
Oh yes it is
Oh just the thought of not seeing you would blow my mind
Oh that’s the sweet touch of love
Oh yes it is
I was about to give up, but you came just in time
With your sweet touch of love
Oh yes you did

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  1. There has been a largely negative reaction to this ad in the UK, where it uses the UK brand name Lynx. The British Advertising Standards Authority received a high number of complaints about the ad, mostly from parents whose children were having nightmares about the Dark Chocolate Man, and it is not surprising. That large smile plastered across his face looks very freaky!

  2. The ad is brilliant, witty, and hilarious- but there are undertones of cannibalism, that said, i still want to be the chocolate man if even for one day.
    Hheheheheeh ! : )

  3. Kind of a racist commercial -a white using product to turn black in order to be irresistible to white women.Como man. Bad plot of racist taboo.

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