Getty Images Search for Rollerblading Dwarf

Getty Images records your searches. If they don’t have what people are searching for, they commission a shoot. Think Meets Do, London decided to test this theory. They created a Facebook group called ‘Search for a Rollerblading Dwarf on Getty Images‘ and sent out emails encouraging people from the creative industry to use the Getty Images search facility, using terms such as ‘Rollerblading Dwarf’ or similar terms like “Miami Midget” or “Little Person on Tiny Wheels”.

The Facebook Group site now includes news that Patrick Ryan has been commissioned to shoot a dwarf on roller skates, available for sale online at Getty Images.

Getty Images commissioned photos of Dwarf on Roller Skates

Next step: Get the story out on advertising blogs…


The Dwarf campaign was rolled out at Think Meets Do, London, by art director Jae Morrison and copywriter Jaime Diskin. Photographer was Patrick Ryan via Victoria Lees Management. Retouching was done by Getty Images, by director Alwyn Gosford and producer Taryn Gold.

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  1. That is the personification of Supply and Demand! That sounds like a great idea, it is fantastic to see that it worked.

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