iPod Touch Grid for Everybody

Apple is promoting the iPod Touch with a new TV ad, “Grid”, featuring the song “What I’m Looking For” by Brendan Benson. Fingers are used to navigate the iPod – on the screen, beginning with the music selection menu, choosing the Brendan Benson album, Alternative to Love. We’re given access to international weather, showing that the temperature in Portland is 46 degrees compared to 79 degrees in Honolulu.

Hands take iPod Touch

A word processing feature for ‘my to do list’ morphs into web browsing and email access. Heidi Luko is encouraged by Katerina Vardiaba to “check this out” – movie selection including home made dance video and Napoleon Dynamite. More music, this time Sleeping Lessons by The Shins album Wincing the Night Away. The hands scroll through photographs, and using two fingers, zooms in on one of them. On another iPod we’re able to check out friends updates on Facebook. Google Maps for finding Starbucks, Nylon TV (The Lengend of Girbaud), more music by Jack Johnson and LCD Soundsystem, snowboarding video, it’s all there on the table of iPods. Something for everybody. Everything but a phone. “Everybody Touch.”

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“Grid” was developed at TBWA\Media Arts Lab by chief creative officer Lee Clow, executive creative directors Duncan Milner and Eric Grunbaum, creative director Scott Trattner, copywriter Go Sohara, art director Jamin Duncan and Demian Oliviera, agency producers Maresa Wickham and Erica Bice.

Filming was directed by Mark Coppos and Virginia Lee via Green Dot Films, with director of photography Robert Doumitt.

Editors were Glenn Martin and Jared Coller at Nomad Editing Company. Post production was done at Company 3 by Brian Robinson and Stefan Sonnenfeld, and at Mork & Lys by Kevin Shapiro and Brandon Sanders.

Brendan Benson track on iPod Touch

Download Brendan Benson’s track What I'm Looking For from the album The Alternative to Love online at iTunes

Lyrics for What I’m Looking For

Well I don’t know what I’m looking for
But I know that I just wanna look some more
And I won’t be satisfied
‘Till there’s nothing left that I haven’t tried
For some people it’s an easy choice
But for me there’s a devil and an angel’s voice
Well I don’t know what I am looking for
But I know that I just wanna look some more

Well I don’t know what I’m living for
But I know that I just wanna live some more
And you hear it from strangers
And you hear it from friends
That love never dies, love never ends
Now I don’t wanna argue, no I don’t wanna fight
‘Cause you’re always wrong and I’m always right
Well I don’t know what I am living for
But I know that I just wanna live some more

I used to be involved, and I felt like a king
Now I’ve lost it all and I don’t feel a thing
I may never grow old, I may never give in
And I’ll blame this world that I live in
I visit hell on a daily basis
I see the sadness in all your faces
I’ve got friends who have married
And their lives seem complete
Here I am still stumbling down a darkened street

And I act like a child and I’m insecure
And I’m filled with doubt and I’m immature
Sometimes it creeps up on me and before I know it
I’m lost at sea
But no matter how far I row
I always find my way back home
But I don’t know what I’ve been waiting for
But I know that I don’t wanna wait anymore

Looking for…
What I’m looking for…

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  1. Ms. Bice also appears in one of the iPhone commercials. As the phone is pulled away from the frame, Bice appears as one of the callers.

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