One thing leads to another at Borders

Borders Asia Pacific is helping customers make the connections between genres with a print advertising campaign, “One Thing Leads to Another”. Asia is connected with design and sculpture in an impressive hairdo. Travel is connected with D.I.Y. on the back of a motorbike. Automotive is connected with House and Home and Baby Names in the back of a Volkswagen Kombi.

Borders connects Asia with design and sculpture

Borders connects travel with D.I.Y.
Borders connects Automotive with House and Home and Baby Names


The campaign was developed at AJF Partnership, Melbourne by creative directors Adam Francis and Andrew Foote, with art director George Freckleton and copywriter Glenn Dalton, account managers Jayne Brady, Karen Bambrick and Jaime Morgan.

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  1. Nice insight about how people use book shops & navigations there. Makes you think for that one second and brings a smile. Good work.

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