U by Kotex for Beaver Down There

Kotex, a Kimberly Clark brand, is promoting U By Kotex feminine care products in Australia with an advertising campaign using a beaver (an American vaginal euphemism) to refer to the ultimate care ‘down there’. In “Pamper” a woman pampers her beaver, carrying it around to her favourite cafe, the hairdresser and the beach. The guys at the beach can’t keep their eyes off her beaver. Two 15 second ads feature a beaver using a sanitary pad as a towel and a beaver trying to decide between wearing a G string and more conventional underwear. The two I had up earlier have been removed as they had been released online prematurely.

Woman and her beaver using hair dryers

Click on the image below to play the Pamper video.

Click on the image below to play the Towel video.


The U by Kotex Beaver campaign was developed at The Brand Shop, Sydney, by creative director Monty Noble, art director Melissa Turkington, copywriter Amy Wright and agency producer Elissa Maine.

Filming was directed by Paul Middleditch via Plaza Films with producer Peter Masterton.

Staff from Kotex included Anastasia Barlas and Dom Chandler. Group Business Director was Kate Meyer.

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