I need to know that God is real

Here’s a “protest song about bogus religion” from Iona Community, used in association with the Sunday after Easter, when Jesus appeared to Thomas. “Now, as then, people should be able to cry for a faith which is real and relevant, satisfied only by a Lord who lives on both sides of the grave.” The music is in Enemy of Apathy, produced by John Bell and Graham Maule. The painting here is “Come, See and Believe”, an oil on canvas by Bali artist Ni Ketut Ayu Sri Wardani, part of the Jesus Laughing Exhibition.

Jesus and Thomas, Come See and Believe painting by Ni Ketut Ayu Sri Wardani

Don’t tell me of a faith that fears
To face the world around
Don’t dull my mind with easy thoughts
of grace without a ground.

I need to know that God is real!
I need to know that Christ can feel
the need to touch and love and heal
the world, including me!

Don’t speak of piety and prayers
Absolved from human need;
Don’t talk of spirit without flesh
Like harvest without seed.

Don’t sate my soul with common sense
Distilled from ages past
Inept for those who fear the world’s
about to breathe its last.

Don’t set the cross before my eyes
unless you tell the truth
of how the Lord, who finds the lost,
was often found uncouth.

So let the Gospel come alive
in actions plain to see
in imitation of the one
whose love extends to me.

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  1. This is such a great song thanks for including it. The painting is beautiful. But you typed one of the words wrong.

    ” Don’t dull my mind with easy thoughts” is
    “Don’t dull my mind with fickle thoughts”

    Fickle is different than easy because it means you change frequently, esp. in regards to your loyalties, interests, or affection.

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