HP Get Real with 12 Days of Real Time

HP is running 12 Days of Real Time, an advertising and digital engagement campaign aimed at helping families get real over the holiday break. The campaign is being promoted with a modern rendition of the Christmas carol, “The 12 Days of Christmas”. The 12 days of Christmas, this is what I see: 12 teens a texting, eleven dads a liking, ten sisters phoning, nine swipers swiping, social binging, social feeds a feeding, must keep sharing sharing, five percent left! With the Get Real message we now move to Twelve boys a baking, eleven kids a crafting, ten sisters spinning (paper dreidels), eight fellas flying (paper planes), OMG we’re carolling, we learnt oreejami, it’s called origami, five printed things, and a screen-free family! The video comes with the message that the average family spends over 250 hours on screens during the holidays. HP’s microsite hp.com/getreal provides over 250 hours of screen-free activities and have a real holiday.

HP 12 Days of Real Time Twelve Texting Teens


Watch how Michel Gondry brings the 12 Days of Real Time to life in the behind-the-scenes video, with associate creative directors Daniel Righi and Kurt Mills, HP senior campaign manager Amy Rowan, production designer Maxwell Orgell, Squeak E Clean music producer Sam Spiegel,

HP 12 Days of Real Time Twelve Swiping Santa
HP 12 Days of Real Time Carolling
HP 12 Days of Real Time Printing Cards

Print the Holidays

HP partnered with artists and influencers to develop over 250 hours of printable activities linked with Christmas, Hannukah and the New Year. The content, available to download at hp.com/getreal, includes exclusive comic books by @adamtots, original coloring pages by @boccaccinimeadows, holiday bingo by @adamjk, Star Wars and Frozen content from Disney and recipes from AllRecipes.com. And yes, even a paper airplane designed by Michel Gondry himself.

HP Get Real Christmas Activities
HP Get Real Hannukah Activities
HP Get Real Disney Activities
HP Get Real Christmas Wreath
HP Get Real Reindeer Crown
HP Get Real Yoda Cookies
HP Get Real Cut Out Girls

The Concept

Deepak Masand, global head of print marketing at HP Inc, said: “Holidays are about spending quality time with loved ones – however our research found that screen time increases during the holidays. At HP, we fervently believe in enabling more real connections with more than 250 hours of engaging, printable content – enabling togetherness this holiday season.”

“When we go to plays, movies and doctors’ offices, we’re asked to shut off our phones. What if we shut off our devices for a while over the holidays and spend some quality time with our families?” added Rich Silverstein, co-founder and co-chairman of Goodby Silverstein & Partners, the ad agency responsible for the campaign. “The last thing you want to do is tune out during the holidays. It’s time to spend real quality time with the family.”

HP 12 Days of Real Time Credits

The Real Time campaign was developed at Goodby Silverstein & Partners by co-chairman Rich Silverstein, creative director Will Elliott, associate creative directors Daniel Righi and Kurt Mills, copywriter Sydney Lindsey, art director Jelena Kolomejac, design director Ryan Self, designers Pedro Zuccolini and Nero Chen, director of broadcast production Leila Gage, executive producer Stephanie DeNatale, broadcast producer Rachel Saxon, managing partner Leslie Barrett, account director Melissa Buck, account manager Jackie Russell, assistant account manager Vivian Cheng, head of brand strategy Bonnie Wan, group communication strategy director Dong Kim, senior communications strategist Matt Hudgins, group strategy director Kelly Evans-Pfeifer, senior brand strategist Marisa Perazzelli, brand strategist Briana Patrick, director of business affairs Judy Ybarra, business affairs associate Kristian Evanculla, associate traffic manager/business affairs associate Howie Mapson, associate business affairs manager Stuart Pidrak, working with HP chief marketing officer Viktrant Batra, global head of print marketing Deepak Masand, head of global marketing, brand hardware systems, Ladd Martin, global consumer print marketing team manager Laura Morris, senior campaign manager Amy Rowan and global print program manager Amy Witkop.

Filming was shot by director Michel Gondry via Partizan with director of photography Shawn Kim, producer Raffi Adlan, executive producer Lisa Tauscher, head of production Kelly Martin, production designer Maxwell Orgell, stylist Florence Fontaine, and service company Division Productions.

Editor was Kirk Baxter at Exile with assistant editor Rex Lowry, executive producer CL Weaver, and post producer Michael Miller.

Post production was done at The Mill, Los Angeles, by creative director/VFX supervisor Glyn Tebbutt, CG lead Jason Mortimer, compositors Lenz Kol, Daniel Thuresson, Nicholas Tayler, Roman Yavorsky, Dylan Strieff, finishing artist Scott Johnson, 3D lighting artist Matthew Choy, 3D lead artist Jason Mortimer, animation supervisor Jacob Bergman, matte painter Andy Wheater, graphic designers/art directors Sasha Vinogradova and Maxim Goudin, tracking supervisors Michael Lori, Danny Garcia, Elizabeth Hammer, Sendil Kumar J, tracking/3D artists Raj Kumar M, Sameer Khan, Sathyaraj A, Sendil Kumar J, Veeru Ramesh, Yalamurthy Ganga Raju, graphic animator Glenn Suhy, senior colorist Adam Scott, color producers Blake Rice and Jessica Amburgey, senior VFX producer Erin Hicke, executive producer Dan Roberts, production coordinator Jena Bodell, production support team Nitin Kumar Bahl, Utkarsha Shinde, colour assists Gemma Parr and Logan Highlen.

Sound and music were produced at Squeak E. Clean Studios by executive creative director Sam Spiegel, arrangers/composers Lydia Davies and Lucas Cantor, executive creative producer (Sydney) Karla Henwood, executive producer (Los Angeles) Christina Carlo, sound designer/mixer Drew Fischer, choir director Lena Gabrielle, licensing manager Chelsea Ramsden, producer Blade Thornton, and production coordinator Colby Smazel.

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