Budweiser for Typical Americans

Budweiser’s 2020 Super Bowl campaign, “Typical Americans”, is taking stereotypes and labels associated with American culture and turning them around. “They call us typical Americans, maybe because we live typical American lives. Like this typical American, showing off his strength! So typical! Look at him! Touching other peoples things! Always so competitive. Typical Americans showing up uninvited. Removing their clothes in public! Yelling, being loud. Just look at them! Thinking they can save the world. Typical Americans always celebrating with their typical American beer. So next time someone labels you “typical”, show them what typical can do.” The Typical Americans ad juxtaposes the commentary with visual scenes of Americans helping each other, going the extra mile. The ad also promotes Budweiser’s new label design inspired by the brand’s 1970s packaging. The new packaging replaces the claim “world renowned” with “The Great American”. A set of mini-documentaries features Free Hugs Project founder Ken Nwadike Jr, a military family reunion, US Womens National Soccer team members Ali Krieger and Ashlyn Harris, and Hannah Gavios finishing a marathon three years after being left partially paralysed after falling 150 feet while evading an attacker.

Hannah Gavios in Budweiser Typical Americans commercial

Military families everywhere dream of the moment they’re reunited with their loved ones. See Bernie & Mason’s heart-warming reunion.

What can a hug do? For Ken Nwadike Jr. and the Free Hugs Project, it promotes peace.

In 2016, Hannah Gavios was left partially paralyzed after falling 150 feet while evading an attacker. Three years later she finished her second NYC Marathon.

Ali Krieger and Ashlyn Harris were part of the United States Women’s National Soccer team that captured their fourth World Cup title in France last summer.

Typical Americans Credits

The Budweiser Typical Americans campaign was developed at David, Miami.

Filming was shot by director Kathryn Bigelow.

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