Budweiser Whassup Again

Budweiser’s 2020 Super Bowl campaign included a reprise of the 1999 commercial, “Whassup”, this time featuring a set of smart household appliances. Alexa, Siri, Google Assistant, a Roomba and an electronic toothbrush exchange the Whassup, No Much, Just Watching the Game banter of the original. They’re revving it up when the apartment’s occupant turns up to pick up a Budweiser sixpack. Budweiser Canada and Uber worked together to encourage viewers to avoid driving home after watching the game, by using the Whassup as a promo code. The message at the end, “It’s a smart world – don’t be stupid about how you get around”. The final phrase, “True, true”. The Whassup Again commercial was preceded by teasers, one including the original director Charles Stone III.

Whassup Again Credits

The Whassup Again campaign was developed at Mosaic North America by executive creative director Jess Willis, creative director/art director/copywriter Dave Thornhill, copywriter Mathew Levinson, art directors Jason Soucé and Gira Moin, associate creative director/copywriter Sasha Newton, design directors Katharine Lane and Nick Pilon, designer Harpreet Singh, agency producers Marie Pierre Toure, Julia Morris, Clair Galea, project manager Nicole Windrem, senior account manager Dan Tallent, client services directors Ashleigh Millar and Danielle Bablich.

Filming was shot by director John Grammatico via Revolver Films with director of photography Bobby Shore, line producer Peter Oad, production designer Benoit Morin, executive producers Luc Frappier and Richard Cureton.

Editing was done at Saints Editorial by lead editor Griff Henderson, assistant editors Kerstin Juby and Sean O’Brien, producer Emily McKay and executive producer Michelle Rich.

Visual effects were produced at Darling VFX by Flame artist Lauren Rempel, colourist Kassi Bellamy, producer Morgan Campbell, and executive producer Kristen Van Fleet.

Sound and music were produced at Pirate Toronto by music director Vanya Drakul, sound engineer Kyle Anderson, and executive producer Maggie Blouin Pearl.

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