Walmart Famous Visitors

Walmart is running “Famous Visitors”, a Super Bowl advertising campaign bringing characters from popular movies and television programs, promoting the shopping chain’s curbside pickup station service. Characters from across the galaxy touch down on Earth to collect groceries and other products. Cameos include Flash Gordon, Buzz Lightyear from Toy Story, Bill S. Preston (Alex Winter) of Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure, aliens from Arrival, Groot from Guardians of the Galaxy, Benny the Spaceman and Wildstyle from The Lego Movie, aliens from Mars Attacks!, Marvin the Martian, aliens from Men in Black, C3PO and R2D2 from Star Wars. Spacecraft include Star Trek’s Starship Enterprise, the ominous spacecraft from Arrival and the police spinner from Blade Runner. The Famous Visitors ad is a sequel to the 2019 Super Bowl commercial, “Famous Cars”.

Walmart Famous Visitors

Famous Visitors Credits

The Famous Visitors campaign was developed at Publicis USA and Dept W, New York, by chief creative officer Andy Bird, executive creative director Josh Horn, creative directors Peter Defries and Alan Wilson, associate creative directors Rodrigo Panucci and Alexandre Abrantes, copywriter Andrew Hurwitz, art director Camilla Ciappina, executive producer/director of integrated production Jenny Read, producer Ariana Ekonomou, music producer David Steinberg, director of business affairs Robin Oksenhendler, senior business affairs manager Suzanne Voss, senior art producer Amy Salzman, Dept W President Jamie Rosen, group account director Lauren Mulwer, account supervisor Audrey Thorn, assistant account executive Madi Mucha.

Media was handled at Haworth by executive media director Heather Kruse, media director Shannon Last, director of digital strategy Michelle Rowe, media strategy director Jenna Sundeen, and digital media strategy director Megan Schuller.

Filming was shot by director Wayne McClammy via Hungry Man with executive producer Mino Jarjoura, line producer Rick Jarjoura, director of photography Jonathan Sela.

Photography was by Richard Thompson III, represented by Brite Productions, produced at Madactive and Recommences Farmhouse.

Editor was Christjan Jordan at The Den Editorial with executive producer Mary Ellen Duggan, senior producer Jonlyn Williams, junior editor Hannelore Gomes, and assistant editors James Bird and Shannon Strong.

Visual effects were produced at The Mill by executive producer Anastasia Von Rahl, producer Lori Talley, production coordinator Michael Novo, executive creative director Chris Knight, VFX supervisor Matt Fuller, 2D lead Ben Smith, CG lead Yarin Manes, 2D artists Jake Albers, Franz Kol, Susanne Scharping, Chris Russo, Joseph Tang, 3D artists Chris Goodrich, Christian Sanchez, Daniel Soo, Daniel Stern, Danny Garcia, Elizabeth Hammer, Michael Lori, Fabio Marzo, Luis Sanchez, Mahmoud Elragheb, Malcolm Moseley, Manan Bachkaniwala, Matthew Bell, Michael Kash, Monique Espinoza, Nico Sanghrajka, Omar Taher, Patrick Vidal, Raphael Phillips, Tom Graham, Victor Duncan, Patrick Keogh, James Hansell, Ivor Griffin, Andreas Graichen, Hannah Bahyan, Stefan Hoare, matte painting team Andy Wheater and Gillian George, animation team Randy Link, Jacob Murphy, Erica Estrada, Justin Murphy, Matt Connolly, Gustavo Gonzalez, Maxime Cronier, Laurie Estampes, colourist Matt Osborne and colour producer Blake Rice.

Sound and music were produced at New Math by composer Casey Smith, executive producer Kala Sherman, sound designers Jimmy Harned and Dan Sammartano. Sound and music were recorded and mixed at Harbor by executive producer Jesse Schwartz, audio producer Cammie McGarry and mixer Steve Perski.

Music is “Sure Feels Good to Me” by Warrant.

Visual effects and animation were produced at Industrial Light & Magic / A Lucasfilm Ltd. Company, by VFX supervisor Eddie Pasquerello, VFX associate producer Eric Schroeder, VFX production coordinator Brandon Dickson, production assistant Samantha Panganiban, VFX editor Jenni O’Byrne, compositor Behnam Shafiebeik, generalist/environment artist Andy Proctor, layout team Maria Newall, Gurpreet Singh, John Levin, lighting TD Leandro Estebecorena, digital paint/roto team Trevor Hazel, Sam Stewart, Natalie Smith, associate pipeline TD Sarah Trop and Katherine Sanchez, technical support Allie Moon, executive producer Jill Brooks.

Animation was by Warner Bros.

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