Stop the Spread of Racism

The Chinese Canadian National Council for Social Justice is running “Stop the Spread”, a campaign addressing coronavirus-related xenophobia. At the heart of the campaign are bottles of hand sanitiser labelled “Stop the Spread – of racism”. On March 3, the bottles were given out in crowded spaces in Toronto by volunteers dressed in biohazard suits, with a warning: “Ignorance has reached epidemic proportions”. The bottles drive people to the campaign website, Word spread quickly around the city, province, and country, as news outlets covered the story throughout the day, and many Torontonians shared the initiative on social media.

Stop the Spread of Racism bottles

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Burger King Moldy Whopper

Burger King has stepped out with a risky advertising campaign featuring a whopper burger decomposing over a month with the help of range of colourful moulds. An online video shows a Burger King Whopper deteriorating over 34 days, hosting a mix of fungi. Four print and outdoor advertisements show the moldy burger at 28 days, 32 days, 33 days and 35 days, with the super text, “The Beauty of No Artificial Preservatives”. The Moldy Whopper campaign is designed to raise awareness of the Burger King’s removal of artificial preservative from the Whopper in most European countries and in select markets in the USA. Naturally, public responses vary from the inevitable feelings of disgust through to intrigue and and affirmation for the new chemical-free status of the Whopper. The Moldy Whopper campaign was the culmination of proposals and work from David, Miami, Ingo Stockholm, Publicis Spain and Publicis Romania, with production support from Colony in Stockholm.

Burger King Moldy Whopper

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Volvo Trucks Tower carries Roger Alm

Volvo Trucks has launched “The Tower feat. Roger Alm”, a commercial featuring a colossal truck tower, with four new trucks stacked on top of one another. The Tower film is set in the dead of night and starts by showing the truck tower as a huge monolith glowing in the distance. As it moves forward, we see wolves in the foreground and catch a glimpse of a female driver. As the film reaches its climax, complete with smoke and lighting effects, we see that the man standing on top of the truck tower is actually Volvo Trucks’ president Roger Alm. The Tower is designed to demonstrate the power and strength of its four new vehicles, the Volvo FH, Volvo FH16, Volvo FM and Volvo FMX. The four trucks will represent about two thirds of Volvo Trucks’ deliveries in Europe.

Volvo Trucks - The Tower
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KitKat Emergency Break for Technology

Kitkat in the Middle East is running “Emergency Break”, a pair of of commercials featuring the voices behind Apple’s Siri and a GPS app. Phones that freeze. The KitKat Emergency Break for Technology campaign takes into account the realities faced by our devices. PCs that suddenly restart. And the dreaded rainbow wheel of death. Don’t you just hate being let down by technology? Then again, can you imagine getting over a BILLION requests… Every. Single. Week? Are we not asking too much of technology? A GPS guide has to handle the stress of sorting out a route for couple driving into the city, as they debate the merits of an Italian restaurant and a bar with friends. A group of Arabic-speaking men sit around having fun with bombarding Siri with requests, but discover that she has her limits.

Kitkat Emergency Break Sirine

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Budweiser Whassup Again

Budweiser’s 2020 Super Bowl campaign included a reprise of the 1999 commercial, “Whassup”, this time featuring a set of smart household appliances. Alexa, Siri, Google Assistant, a Roomba and an electronic toothbrush exchange the Whassup, No Much, Just Watching the Game banter of the original. They’re revving it up when the apartment’s occupant turns up to pick up a Budweiser sixpack. Budweiser Canada and Uber worked together to encourage viewers to avoid driving home after watching the game, by using the Whassup as a promo code. The message at the end, “It’s a smart world – don’t be stupid about how you get around”. The final phrase, “True, true”. The Whassup Again commercial was preceded by teasers, one including the original director Charles Stone III.

Whassup Again Budweiser commercial
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Coca Cola Invisible Bottle Isn’t There

Coca Cola in Europe is running an outdoor, print and social advertising campaign using only a logo, a title and a red background to make the invisible visible. That’s all that’s needed for the imagination to create the iconic bottle shape. Very few shapes in the world are as recognisable as the Coca Cola bottle: so iconic that our brain needs very little clue to feel it. And to desire it. The Coca Cola Invisible Bottle campaign, developed at Publicis Italy, is being run in several Central and Eastern European markets.

Coca Cola Invisible Bottle
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