How to boil an egg in NZ

Another in the My Lotto, from New Zealand. Instead of spending two minutes on instant noodles, it’s suggested that punters boil an egg. “Fill medium sized pan with water. Place egg in water. Bring water to boil. Set timer for 3 minutes. Turn on computer. Type in Buy Powerball ticket. Imagine eating a Spanish omelette. In Spain. Walk back to kitchen. Stare at pot. Scratch belly. Stare at pot. Take egg out of pot. Eat egg.”

How to boil an egg for Lotto
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How to make Instant Noodles

My Lotto, an online NZ Lotteries gambling product, was promoted with a print advertisement featuring instructions for making instant noodles.

“Open Packet. Put noodles in bowl. Add flavouring sachet. Pour boiling water over noodles. Put noodles in microwave for three minutes. Open laptop. Go to Buy a big Wednesday ticket for tonight’s draw. Imagine nnever eating instant noodles again. Close laptop. Go back to microwave. Stare at bowl turning around. Open fridge. Drink some milk from bottle. Realise it’s expired. Make gagging sound. Hear beep from microwave. Take noodles out. Eat noodles.”

How to make instant noodles with Instant Kiwi

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Toyota Prado on Banana Leaf

Toyota promoted the 4WD Prado in Colombia, South America, encouraging readers to keep in touch with nature. Banana plants produce one crop before being recycled. The Leo Burnett team bought banana leaves, most nearly 6.5 feet long, from the biggest banana producers in the country. Each leaf provided material for eight screen printed advertisements for insertion in Colombian magazine Semana. The process had to be completed within five days, before the leaves started to dry out. The banana leaf advertisements went to 25,000 magazine subscribers in Bogota and Medelin.

Toyota Prada on Banana Leaf

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