Dan Kimball on Vintage Faith

In 2003 Youth Specialties & Zondervan published Dan Kimball’s book, “The Emerging Church“.

It’s designed as an accessible introduction to what Kimball calls “Post-Seeker-Sensitive” approaches to being church. Kimball’s “Vintage Faith” approach provides one practical example of what Robert Webber has been calling “Ancient-Future” church and worship. Rather than throwing out religious symbols and toning down focus on commitment, Kimball’s group of postmoderns are exploring radical discipleship in a multi-sensory environment.


Dan Kimball The Emerging Church at Amazon.com

Youth Culture: Identity in a Postmodern World

Youth Culture: Identity in a Postmodern World, edited by Jonathon S. Epstein. Another book from Fuzz Kitto’s library I hadn’t seen before.

Written in 1998 and published by Blackwell Publishers in the UK.

Epstein provides a helpful introduction to Generation X, youth culture and identity.

I was fascinated with Steven Best and Douglas Kellner’s article on “Beavis and Butt-Head” – they look at the impact of popular TV media on youth.

Other topics in the book include sexuality & body politics, education, industrial-hard core music subculture, deadhead subculture, rave scene, punk and cyberpunk, gender in Canadian heavy metal music, and amateur stripping.

Postmodern Youth Ministry On The Shelf

Was looking through Fuzz Kitto’s library and found Postmodern Youth Ministry by Tony Jones. Tony’s one of the Emergent Village crew and has recently finished up as Young Adults pastor in Edina, Minnesota to do a Ph.D in Princeton. The book is published by Youth Specialties who have published online an appendix by Tony, talking about his experience of writing and talking about philosophy and youth ministry. I like the layout of the book – quotes are expressed in non-boring format. He models an approach to dialogue by including the comments of his reviewers – before the book goes to print!

Postscript: See my later more-in-depth posting (November 18, 2005) on Tony Jones’ explanation of postmodern trends.