Lenovo Computers bring Best Engineering

Lenovo puts its engineering research on the line with this series of online videos. The ‘Best Engineering’ video campaign is summarized in ‘Anthem’, featuring edited exercpts from each of the tests carried out on Lenovo notebooks, with Gene Wilder singing “Pure Imagination’ (Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory 1971). The five videos here show each of the test sequences.

Diver and notebook in Lenovo Water Test
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Heinz Baked Beans Christine – Some Things Never Change

Heinz Australia promotes its baked beans line with a humorous TV ad showing that some things never change. Ryan Phillips bumps into an old friend as he reaches out for a can of baked beans in the supermarket, but who is it? This guy is Christine from Rosanna High. Ryan remembers the passionate kiss they shared back at high school. She’s had a sex change! But she still loves baked beans.

Christine and Ryan kiss as teenagers

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Dan Kimball on Emerging Worship

Dan Kimball

I taught a class on ’emerging worship’ this morning, a part of a Trinity College course on Reformed and Evangelical Worship. See my notes from this time last year for a summary of the material from Sally Morgenthaler, Tex Sample, Dan Benedict and Craig Kennett Miller.

This time we also looked at reflections on alternative worship by Dan Kimball, in his book, Emerging Worship, in which he identifies ten common values in ’emerging’ worship gatherings.

  • Move away from spectator type of gathering
  • Organic design
  • Sacred Space created for worship gathering
  • Multi-sensory approach
  • Freedom of movement
  • Different Focal Point
  • Revival of liturgy, ancient disciplines, Christian seasons, Jewish roots
  • Emphasis on prayer
  • Communion as central part
  • Jesus the centerpiece of worship

Dan is based at Vintage Church in Santa Cruz, California.

Orange Upgrades Val Kilmer

UK telco Orange rolls out another gold spot advertisement, this time fooling around with Val Kilmer in the context of a Western movie. A guy rushes in looking for the fastest rider in town. He’s needed to get a message through to save an innocent man. Kilmer’s character owns up to being the man required for the job but he ‘don’t ride no more’. Just as the character-transforming moment emerges the Orange Film Funding Board members at the bar start to steal the action. They suggest the script needs some work. If you need to get a message to someone you just send them a text. When the crew gets back to filming, Val’s telling us he doesn’t text anymore. He sends emails and picture text messages.

Val Kilmer holds a cellphone in Orange cinema ad
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Elle MacPherson Intimates in Self Portraits

Elle Macpherson Intimates lingerie is appearing in a series of seven sexy online videos featuring home video personalities Saucer Girl, Bubble Girl, Bomber Girl, Joker Girl, Balloon Girl, Tuba Girl and Drummer Girl, each with their own MySpace and YouTube identities. Elle Macpherson says the beauty of the campaign lies within the fascinating nature of each story. “A woman alone in her private space is the definition of intimacy,” says Elle. “Bringing to light the quirky and unusual side of ourselves that is often saved for when we are on our own is such a precious thing to watch — I adore the individuality and personality of each woman.”

Elle MacPherson Tuba Girl

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