VB Answer to Global Warming

Australian beer VB (Victoria Bitter) has come up with the solution to climate change – the VB taste crammed into a cold mid-strength beer. VB, the ad says, is the best cold beer under the sun, which is a good thing when most beers evaporate out of the glass. Australian stereotypical male obsessions are combined: beer, barbecues, boobs and boats. Throw in a bit of extreme drought and sunburn, along with a chimpanzee, and you’ve got an Australian classic with a touch of the exotic.

Beer evaporates in a drinker's glass
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The View Same Jeans

Scottish indie rock band, The View, released ‘Same Jeans’, the third single from their album, Wasted Little DJs, in January 2007, released by 1965 Records. Band members are Kyle Falconer (guitar, lead vocals and co-songwriter), Kieren Webster (bass, backing vocals and co-songwriter), Pete Reilly (lead guitar) and Steven Morrison (drums & percussion). The Same Jeans music video shows the band performing in Dundee, along with footage filmed at Dundee Airport. The band come from Dryburgh, not far from Dundee.

Kyle Falconer in Dundee Airport for Same Jeans music video
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Centraal Beheer Acupuncture

Centraal Beheer Achmea, an insurance company based in Apeldoorn, The Netherlands, won a Bronze Lion at Cannes International Advertising Festival 2007 with ‘Acupuncture’ (Accupunctuur), part of of “Let’s Call Apeldoorn” campaign. The fifteeen-year-long campaign, developed at DDB Amsterdam, has produced a number of award-winning commercials. Centraal Beheer Achmea currently hosts 44 television advertisments from the last fifteen years. A man seeks acupuncture treatment but discovers he’s in a very vulnerable situation when the building catches fire…

Man receives his acupuncture needles in Centraal Beheer TV Ad
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