Bibleopoly Board Game

BibleopolyI bought a copy of Bibleopoly for $5 at a school fair a couple of weeks ago. And finally today I got around to playing the game with my daughter.

It’s pretty well a copy of Monopoly. Instead of property titles you have deeds. Instead of rent you have offerings. Instead of community chest you have “Abyss”. Instead of Chance you have Faith and Contingency. The object of the game is to build a church, complete with cornerstone, three bricks and a steeple (the player’s piece).

The twist: You can lay a cornerstone once you have three out of three properties in a set. Instead of paying for it you acquire the stone by giving away one of your deeds to a person who needs it to complete their set. Generosity is the order of the day. If you can’t afford the ‘offering’ you just pay what you’ve got and keep playing. Once someone has completed their building everyone advances to the property for a dedication service.

The game was produced by Late For The Sky back in 1991. They have also produced Birdopoly, Booo-opoly, Brew-opoly, Canada-opoly, Cat in the Hat-opoly, Chocolate-Opoly, Dog-Opoly, Millenniumopoly, Motown-opoly, and so on…

I had a conversation with my daughter about ‘churches’ in New Testament times. We hear about the church in Pergamum, Ephesus, Laodicaea. But were they buildings? And in particular, 1950s style buildings? And did all their offerings ultimately go towards such buildings?

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