Lipton Ice Tea is Refreshingly Honest

Unilever Australia promoted Lipton Ice Tea in 2004 with a campaign of honesty. Three commercials from the campaign, “Restaurant”, “Mechanic”, and “Beach”, promote the tagline “Refreshing Lipton Ice Tea. Let’s you be yourself naturally.”

Lipton Ice Tea Be Yourself commercial women on beach

In “Restaurant”, the first in the campaign, a young woman introduces her boyfriend Jake to her parents. He’s a surfie and not too ambitious. The parents are keen for her to find a better choice but that’s probably too late.

In “Mechanic” a man pushes his car into the mechanic’s car yard. The mechanic pulls a bottle out of the fridge and greets his new customer. “Gidday! Lipton Ice Tea?” “Thanks!” As he lifts the bonnet he says, “Whoo! You look as though you know nothing about cars.” “Yeah, so I’m sure you’ll rip me off!” “It’s probably just a cracked radiator hose worth ten bucks but I’ll tell you it’s much worse”. “Yeah I don’t even know what a radiator is!” “Perfect! You’re going to leave here with four new tyres you didn’t even need.” “That’s fine. I’ll write you a cheque that bounces!”

In “Beach” a man carrying a surf board with a beach babe painted on it walks up to two sunbathing women. They’re all drinking Lipton Ice Tea. “Hi!” “Hi!” “I couldn’t tell if you’re actually attractive or not from over there so I’ve come for a closer look.” “Well we’ve already checked you out and we’ve decided we’re not interested.” “We’ll play along to see if you’re rich.” “Yeah. So how’s the surf?” “I don’t surf. I just carry the board around cause it helps me with the chicks.” “Now suck in that gut and that might help a bit too.” “You know I’ve just noticed some topless girls checking me out so I’ll catch you around.”


The campaign was developed at advertising agency J Walter Thompson Sydney by creative director Simon Collins, Andrew Thompson, Richard Apps and Chris Dent, agency producer Gerri Hamill, account director Sarah Voss, account manager Erica Williams and account planner Andrew McCowan.

Filming was shot by director Adrian Hayward at AHT, with producer Ian Iveson.

Editor was Stuart Morley at Winning Post.

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  1. Anyone knows the other commercial of Lipton Ice. It has been published a few years back. The commercial is coulored graphically yellow-cartoonish. The main character wakes up after a night out (his mates sleeping in his house), gets a Lipton Ice out of his fridge and he dresses for work.
    Anyway the background music is awesome. I’m looking for it for a very long time now but just can’t find it, anyone knows the name of the title song of it?

    Cheers lads!

  2. i want to see the lipton Iced Tea add with the gorgeous guy who finds out his girlfriend is pregnant? The parents are there as well. its an aussie add. Can we see more of him? We all talk about him!!! He’s got something magic about him.

  3. I know an actor who was in a Lipton add in the 80s (’89) with Robert Colby and Virginia Hay. We’d really like to get a copy of this commerical if possible. Any information would be much appreciated.

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