Fanta Idiots are Amazing – in the name of play

Fanta, the Coca-Cola orange brand, is celebrating fun through “Idiots are Amazing”, an integrated advertising campaign launched in Europe. YouTube video stars, known for their idiotic and weird stunts, have been discovered and made larger than life through a suite of films showing their dedicated preparation. The champions of play are filmed training for a gymnastic giraffe stunt, diving into snow in a swimsuit, dancing in a large pair of stretched pants, wheelbarrow tricks, and drinking coffee while reading a book, sliding on the ice on the way to work in Norway. The four stunts and their build-up routines, edited into 15 second videos, are spliced together with a 90 second soundtrack worthy of a Nike inspirational anthem. Out of home and print advertisements supplement the heroic idiots with further examples of playful idiocy.

Trym Nordgaard is known for his 2016 video, “How to drink your morning coffee in Norway”.

Lauren Tallichet hit internet fame with her creative dance in oversized pants.

Fabian Tegeler became a star with his wheelbarrow tricks in Berlin.

See also the Giraffe video, and the Girl Dives into Snow spot, centred on this video.

For the design and elaboration of this campaign, Fanta has had two experts in the field of fun and games as fundamental elements in people’s lives: Dr. Paul Martin, behavioral scientist, who has taught at the University of Cambridge and author of Making Happy People; and Adam Wilder, founder of Togetherness Movement.

Paul Martin says that “Playing and having fun is essential for human development. There is a biological reason that makes it prevail. Having fun and playing has long-term benefits, even if they are not obvious. Playing is an excellent mechanism for acquiring experiences actively, developing mental, social and physical skills. Playing is not just fun, it is intrinsically positive for us. ”

For his part, Adam Wilder adds that “playing helps build more capable and happy people. It helps us to take ourselves less seriously, be more sociable, creative, self-confident and assertive. ”

María Alvargonzález, Senior Brand Manager at Fanta explains that: “The In The Name of Play campaign is designed to promote fun in the world. Not any kind of fun, but the one that arises spontaneously and without a purpose. The study carried out for the elaboration of this campaign shows that the world needs to play more, have fun spontaneously and not forget the game as we grow. These little moments help us to be happier, more creative and sociable. ”

Fanta Unleash Your Inner Idiot - Giraffe
Fanta Unleash Your Inner Idiot - Pants
Fanta Unleash Your Inner Idiot - Cone
Fanta Unleash Your Inner Idiot - Tuba

Walter Susini, The Coca-Cola Company senior vice president for marketing for Europe, Middle East and Africa, commented, “Fanta’s In The Name of Play campaign is designed to encourage more play in the world. Not just any play but purposeless play, which has no goal except for having fun. All the research shows that the world needs more purposeless play and that it makes for happier, more creative and sociable people. And of course, it’s fun, so what’s not to like.”

The campaign broke on March 2 in Spain, Portugal and Norway and will extend into other countries such as Germany, Ireland, France, Sweden, Netherlands, Belgium and Denmark.

Idiots are Amazing Credits

The Idiots are Amazing campaign was developed at 72andSunny Amsterdam by creative directors Chris Colliton and Kevin Weir.

Filming was shot by director Jeff Low via Biscuit Filmworks.

Post production was done at Glassworks.

Music was by BirdBrain.

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