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Duncan Macleod is known as a blogger, ‘online journalist’, speaker, workshop leader and facilitator, and consultant in the fields of online communication, generational change, youthwork, theology, faith development, missional emerging church, multimedia, leadership, advertising, consumerism, popular culture.


Duncan grew up in the deep South of New Zealand. Moved around NZ for 39 years, studying, being a youth worker, playing keyboards & guitars in jazz and rock groups, working in horticulture, doing theology, being married and raising kids, being a Presbyterian minister, working as national youth ministry consultant. He moved to Australia in 2001 for his second millennium – and continued the overall trend. Still married, being a consultant, being a Uniting Church minister, coaching, experimenting and implementing strategy related to innovation. Currently working as Executive Officer, eLM (equipping Leadership for Mission), Synod of Victoria and Tasmania, Uniting Church in Australia.

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Duncan’s Sites


The amalgamation of a number of blogs started over five years.

  • Pacific Highlander – an assortment of reflections on life, popular culture and faith.
  • Generations in Conversation – Material relating to my doctoral research on generational change.
  • Driving with Purpose – My house church was studying Rick Warren’s book. I started the blog because of the way the material irritated me.
  • Gospel Notes – Reflections on the Four Gospels – often linked with my preaching. Includes a few guest posts by Mark Cornford.
  • GodPost – Started as the basis of a paper on resources for theological reflection (for a Master of Theology paper). Continuing as I read and review material on theological issues such as metaphors of atonement. A key part of my doctoral research.
  • Mission Resources – a few posts from my work with the Uniting Church in Australia. The team has been disbanded now.
  • Shakespeare in Film – a brief experiment in film reviews relating to Shakespeare plays
  • Da Vinci Code Online – engaging with the real world behind the fiction of Dan Brown

The Inspiration Room Daily

The amalgamation of blogs I’ve written on popular culture, advertising, film. The site was discontinued this year. I’ve included some of the posts back in the Postkiwi blog.

  • Duncan’s TV Ad Land – television advertisements and viral videos reviewed each day. This site was established as a way of explaining to people from my workshops how to access for themselves the interesting, funny and disturbing material available online.
  • Duncan’s Print – Started when I was sent a brilliantly funny piece of work by Ant Keogh, for Carlton Draught. It didn’t fit with the TV ads and so a new blog began.
  • Duncan’s Interactive – Online interactive sites reviewed.
  • Duncan’s Music Videos – The growing number of music videos being released online, with reference to the people behind the scenes.
  • Duncan’s Propaganda – Election-related advertising.

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  1. Duncan,
    I was blown away by your work this morning. Our pastor used your generation Y in a sermon. As a former graphic artist, and interior designer, I had to research your site. It is time for unity and I am so glad to see how Jesus is using the arts. Keep up the good work.

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