Furry Grosby Slippers in Window

A young man wakes up in bed, looks at the window and screams. His father enters the room and screams. As does his brother, two policemen, an axe-wielding fireman and an ambulance officer. Is the window open? Yes
Does he see a face? No. Does he see an animal? Nnnno. Sorry… this isn’t another of those lateral thinking puzzles. It’s an Australian Grosby TV advert. The young man’s seen two furry foot in the window, and assumed the worst. In fact it’s his girlfriend climbing up the spouting, wearing furry slippers.

Grosby Slippers Promotion

Grosby, the brand name, comes from the Grosnovsky family, originally from Minsk, Russia, who set up a slipper factory in Melbourne in the 1930s. The family firm eventually expanded into shoes and linked up with Dunlop. They have been promoted by their mascot, Grosby the puppet dog, saying “Grrosby, they’re grreat mate, woof”. And now they’re promoting furry slippers. Horrors! Be afraid.


The ad was created at advertising agency Whybin TBWA by creative director Scott Whybin, art director Justine Gallagher, copywriter Rob Hibbert and agency producer Margot Ger.

Filming was directed by Tony Rogers at Renegade Films with producer Joe Connor.

Editor was Kylie Robertson. Post production & Visual FX were done at MRPPP.

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  1. the grosby slipper add was great i though it was great advertising and i applaud them because it must be the best of their adds. what i am replying about is that i have tryed in so many places to buy a pair of those slippers, and yes i know that it has been 2 years since their release but no one has them anymore and i was wondering if you knew where i could get a pair of the rainbow slippers. i have tryed ebay and the grosby website and i cant see them anywhere. could you give me some clues as to where i could buy some? yours sincerly,
    kristie cooper

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