Tooheys New Catapult For The Love of Beer

Tooheys New relaunched their brand today online with a larger than life television “For the love of beer” advertisement, ‘Catapult’. Billboards have been seeding curiosity over the last month, leading members of the public to register their email address at

Tebuchet used in Tooheys New TV ad

Today the ad has gone viral in Vividas format at The TV ad will be launched on Australian televisions on Sunday February 19. The spot features desperate men and women in the street of Melbourne, using a giant trebuchet to fling beer ingredients into the rain clouds. Barrels and sacks of sugar, yeast, hops and malt are lobbed into the air. Two young women take the bungee ride of their lives, though we don’t know where they land. Finally, a stag, the emblem of Tooheys New, appears on the scene. Off it goes, joining the heavenly ingredients. The climax of the commercial is the beer itself – pouring down from the sky. Click on the image below to play the video.


The ‘Rain’ campaign was developed at Saatchi & Saatchi Sydney, Sydney, by executive creative director David Nobay, art director Pete Buckley and Eron Broughton, copywriter Tim Brown and Steve May, producer Scott McBurnie, group account director Sasha Orr, and account director Ben Court.

Saatchi & Saatchi Executive Creative Director, David Nobay, comments, “In some ways, the concept behind ‘Catapult’ is completely insane, and yet the idea of wanting it to rain beer is also entirely plausible. When your lips are parched and the sun is up, a great beer certainly feels like a gift from the Gods. Tooheys New has just brought the dream to life for all to enjoy.”

“A shared glass of beer is like an invisible handshake. It’s the great Aussie unifier. And yet, for too long, the imagery behind mainstream beer has been skewed to such a narrow blokey bias that it has the opposite effect. It’s like a club you can’t join, unless you have the right face. The new Tooheys New campaign explodes all that crap and firmly recasts mainstream beer as champagne for the masses.”

Filming was shot in Melbourne in November 2005 by director Garth Davis via Exit Films, Melbourne with producer Karen Sproul and director of photography Greig Fraser.

Visual effects were developed at Fin Design. Sound was engineered at Nylon. Editing was done at Guillotine.

The ad is accompanied by the main title from Elmer Bernstein’s soundtrack for The Great Escape.

Tooheys Billboard Image

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  1. Uhm… The new H.264 codec can achieve similar quality/size ratio without the need to download obscure softwares.
    (As an I.T. student I’m impressed by the results they got using Java technology. But I just don’t like closed proprietary formats.)

  2. any suggestions if there is any significance to the women. Its just the way everyone looks expectantly give the idea they have some significance??

  3. What’s the music that plays when it starts raining? It’s not the same as the main Great Escape theme.

    It used to be the music from The Winners on the ABC.

  4. This ad looked to me as though it was ripped off from a beer ad in the US. Are you sure the ad is Australian made?

  5. Duncan, I’ve lived in Melbourne and mustn’t have lookded closely enough. I was taken in by the American anthemic music and the people, and presumed that it was a straight rip. I’ll stand corrected on this one.

  6. guys think about it, u cant have beer without chicks…theyre sent up there because they are an important part of the ingredients…i may only be 16 but i know my beer and my beer ads

  7. to be purely honest, I think this ad and most beer ads around are disgraceful. I’m all for having a few drinks and a good time with mates but why do we have parade beer over mediums that are easily accessible to children young and old. What kind of example are we setting? Are we telling our kids how great drinking is and just further pushing down the age kids start drinking? All so these companies make a bit more dough. Its disgraceful.

  8. what the hell r u on about if a kid whats to drink it has nothing to do with the beer ad it has sumthing to do with the parents ya idiot and u cant say u were any different when u where younger ur disgraceful get over ya self

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