Heineken Plane Landing

Heineken‘s Bad Plane Landing is one of the most viewed viral campaigns on Google Video, YouTube and Metacafe. Footage of a TBW Air plane in a rough landing is connected with a voice over, that of the captain: “This is Space Walker your captain, speaking. On behalf of the Dutch crew I’d like to apologize to the Austrian football team for the small inconvenience. We wish you a lot of success against the Dutch football team.” The original video finished with the tagline, “Geniet, meer drink met”, and the web site address, www.heelhollandhelpt.nl, which still leads to Heineken’s site in the Netherlands.

YouTube footage of Heineken Plane Landing video

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The Netherlands didn’t do too badly in Euro2004, the UEFA European Football Championship. In their qualifications round the Netherlands and the Czech Republic knocked out Belarus, Austria and Moldova. The Netherlands tied 1-1 with Germany on June 15, lost to Czech Republic on June 19, and defeated Latvia 3-0 on June 23. They beat Sweden in the top 8 through penalty kicks, but lost 2-1 against Portugal in the semi-final on June 30. Portugal, the host team, lost to Greece in the final.

Austria and Switzerland will be hosting Euro2008.


“Landing” was developed at TBWA\Neboko, Amstelveen, by creative directors Diederick Koopal, Cor Den Boer, art director Cor Den Boer, copywriter Diederick Koopal, agency producer Monique van Smaalen, and account supervisors Olivier Koning, Valérie Dekeuwer, and Roland Simon. Heineken’s supervisors were Mark Ruygrok and Peter Vertregt. The name of the airline in the ad, of course, comes directly from the name of the advertising agency.

Filming was directed by Bart Timmer via Czar, Amsterdam, with director of photography Cor Den Boer and producers Colin Maas and Sytske Rijkens.

Visual effects were developed at Hectic Electric, Amsterdam. CG supervisor Viktor Rietveld hosts one of his working clips on YouTube to demonstrate the framing used in the editing process…

Click on the image below to play the video.

Music was developed at Earforce.

The Heineken Landing ad won a Bronze Film Lion for corporate image at Cannes International Advertising Festival, 2004.

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