Calling Aussie Bloggers

Every two weeks Australian bloggers collaborate to create “Carnival of Australia”, a selection of posts on a variety of topics. This coming week’s carnival will be posted here at Pacific Highlander. I’ve already received a good number of entries but, as they say, the more the merrier.

Carnival of Australia is a place to celebrate the diversity of thought and opinion of Aussie bloggers and bloggers who blog on Australia. All topics are welcome from Aussies living here or overseas and from visitors to our diverse country. NO adult content, or abusive and racist comments. One submission per site please. If you keep two or three sites, you can submit one article from each.

Submission categories are Culture, Food, Politics, History, Outback, Environment, Family, Indigenous issues, Slanguage, Travel, Technology, Business, Music, Helping a mate, Mates, Animals, Literature, Sport, Current Affairs, and Walkabout.

Deadline for entries is Monday (March 10) at 11 pm Australian Eastern Standard Time. Submit your post/s here.

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