Modern Parables from Shibboleth

Kore in Essex, have launched two modern parables, in a series they’ve named “Shibboleth“. “I Love Elvis” tells the story of a young boy who discovers Elvis Presley records in the attic and tries to find a local Elvis Club. “Wild Thing” charts the journey of the medical world after their discovery of a new drug. Both videos explore the tendency for movements to become institutionalised and lose their original potency.
I Love Elvis video

Click on the image below to play the I Love Elvis video in YouTube (HD)

Click on the image below to play the Wild Thing video in YouTube (HD)

The videos have been produced by Matt and Juls Hollidge at Kore in association with I Love Pinatas design company, and are available for download at in six different formats, including a subtitled for the hard of hearing.

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