Mission Stories

Mission Stories is a discernment resource I designed to help church leaders discover more about their God-given calling to local mission. The course consists of six sessions, each lasting between about 1½ and 2 hours. Throughout this journey you’ll watch some inspiring stories, share your own experiences, study the Bible, pray together and discuss ideas. Between each session you are encouraged to research and record information relating to your own local setting, as well as put your learning and discoveries into practice. The video series and accompanying manual was developed for Queensland Synod and published in 2010.

The titles of the different sessions are:

Session 1 – Mission in Context
Session 2 – Gospel People
Session 3 – Relational Disciples
Session 4 – Partnering with God’s People
Session 5 – Who are your peoples?
Session 6 – Mission Together

The Manual

You can download the Mission Stories manual here.

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