Jeep Groundhog Day with Bill Murray

Jeep has provided a new take on Groundhog Day, the 1993 movie, with a Super Bowl commercial featuring Bill Murray and Punxsutawney Phil. As in the original movie, Bill Murray’s character Phil Connors wakes up to the sounds of “I Got You Babe” by Sonny & Cher. He’s back in Punxsutawney but this time he’s got a plan to just have a good time with Punxsutawney Phil with a Jeep Goliath to use as getaway vehicle. He manages to avoid Ned Ryerson (Stephen Tobolowsky) and shakes off Mayor Buster (Bill’s older brother Brian Doyle-Murray). Every day they leave behind Groundhog Day Festival in Town Square to head off into the Pennsylvania wilderness. The ad ends with the tagline: “No day is the same in a Jeep Gladiator.” The Jeep Groundhog Day campaign includes two teasers, a 60 second TV ad, and an extended 1:45 minute version.

Bill Murray as Phil Connor in Jeep Groundhog Day commercial
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Snickers Fix the World

Snickers is running a Super Bowl advertising campaign claiming that the world is out of sorts and needs to be fixed. Evidence presented includes grown-ups riding scooters, parents who text dirty pics, babies named after produce, devices that listen to your conversations, new forms of milk, demented auto-correct, The solution? A great big hole and great big Snickers bar. As a crowd gathers in song to watch, a giant Snickers is fed to the Earth in a grand attempt to fix the world. The spot ends with some evidence that SNICKERS’ plan just may be working. Teasers for the campaign feature people telling us why they’re digging the giant Some people think it’s OK to use a phone on speaker phone in public. One digger’s 32 year old son still lives at home. A Spanish-speaking digger digs because her mother has whole conversations in the comments section of her post. The Snickers solution is dumb, so dumb we might win! A selfie-taking couple’s demise leads to the thought that the plan is working, voiced by a character played by Luis Guzmán. The Snickers Twitter channel ran a series of Tweets during the Super Bowl game, taking credit for encouraging events, with the hashtag #SnickersFixtheWorld.

Snickers Fix The World hole

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Olay make space for women

Procter & Gamble brand Olay is running “Make Space for Women”, a Super Bowl advertising campaign featuring Canadian YouTube creator Lilly Singh, U.S. actress Busy Philipps and retired NASA astronaut Nicole Stott. The trio set of an space expedition overseen by Mission Controller Taraji P. Henson and reported on by news anchor Katie Couric. The commercial was inspired by the October 2018 all-female spacewalk by Christina Koch and Jessica Meir, residents of the International Space Station. In the lead-up to the Super Bowl Olay announced that one dollar would be donated to Girls Who Code for every tweet using the @OlaySkin tag and #MakeSpaceForWomen hashtag. The campaign pays homage to the women of STEM industries and disciplines (Science, Tech, Engineering, Mathematics) who are blazing the trail for future generations.

Astronauts in Olay Make Space for Women commercial

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Walmart Famous Visitors

Walmart is running “Famous Visitors”, a Super Bowl advertising campaign bringing characters from popular movies and television programs, promoting the shopping chain’s curbside pickup station service. Characters from across the galaxy touch down on Earth to collect groceries and other products. Cameos include Flash Gordon, Buzz Lightyear from Toy Story, Bill S. Preston (Alex Winter) of Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure, aliens from Arrival, Groot from Guardians of the Galaxy, Benny the Spaceman and Wildstyle from The Lego Movie, aliens from Mars Attacks!, Marvin the Martian, aliens from Men in Black, C3PO and R2D2 from Star Wars. Spacecraft include Star Trek’s Starship Enterprise, the ominous spacecraft from Arrival and the police spinner from Blade Runner. The Famous Visitors ad is a sequel to the 2019 Super Bowl commercial, “Famous Cars”.

Walmart Famous Visitors

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Budweiser for Typical Americans

Budweiser’s 2020 Super Bowl campaign, “Typical Americans”, is taking stereotypes and labels associated with American culture and turning them around. “They call us typical Americans, maybe because we live typical American lives. Like this typical American, showing off his strength! So typical! Look at him! Touching other peoples things! Always so competitive. Typical Americans showing up uninvited. Removing their clothes in public! Yelling, being loud. Just look at them! Thinking they can save the world. Typical Americans always celebrating with their typical American beer. So next time someone labels you “typical”, show them what typical can do.” The Typical Americans ad juxtaposes the commentary with visual scenes of Americans helping each other, going the extra mile. The ad also promotes Budweiser’s new label design inspired by the brand’s 1970s packaging. The new packaging replaces the claim “world renowned” with “The Great American”. A set of mini-documentaries features Free Hugs Project founder Ken Nwadike Jr, a military family reunion, US Womens National Soccer team members Ali Krieger and Ashlyn Harris, and Hannah Gavios finishing a marathon three years after being left partially paralysed after falling 150 feet while evading an attacker.

Hannah Gavios in Budweiser Typical Americans commercial

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Amazon on life before Alexa is promoting the household management elements provided by Alexa and the Echo in “Before Alexa”, a Super Bowl advertising campaign featuring Ellen deGeneres and Portia de Rossi. Two teasers, “Temperature” and “Spilled Wine”, show the couple being helped out by Alexa’s voice-powered technology in their home. The full Super Bowl commercial explores the question, “What do you think people did before Alexa?” Alessa is a Victorian maid who throws firewood out the window when instructed to turn the temperature down. Alexei (Jamie Demetriou from Fleabag) is an Eliabethan era jester who can’t tell jokes. Alex the newsboy is asked for today’s news (all fake!). AlexeMS, a dove, is commissioned to take a message to Prince Constantine (doesn’t end well). Alesha is reminded by a President Nixon to delete those tapes (I delete…). The track finishes with Ellen’s favourite song, “Yeah!” by Usher, featuring Lil’ Jon & Ludacris.

Alexei the joker in Amazon Before Alexa commercial

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