Breast of Canada Calendar Promotes Self Care

Breast of Canada is one of the more controversial breast cancer awareness campaigns over the last few years. Online at, the Breast of Canada campaign is the brainchild of “Empress of Concept and Direction” Sue Richards of Guelph, Ontario working with photographer Melanie Gillis. Since 2002 Sue and team have produced calendars with black and white photographs of women and their breasts, instructions and monthly reminders for breast self examination (BSE), guides to breast health care, trivia, Canadian holidays, haiku and photography contests.

Breast of Calendar 2007 Cover

Sales from the calendars have contributed to research and education programs of the Canadian Breast Cancer Network. Responses have been mixed. Naturist societies have affirmed the affirmation of the naked breast. Some breast cancer campaigners have been concerned that the issue of breast health might become distracted by the naked agenda of the calendar. However over time the heat has died down and a sense of partnership has emerged.

Breast of Calendar 2004 Cover

Breast of Calendar 2003 Cover

Breast of Calendar 2002 Cover

Breast of Canada Covers

Sue Richards is an ardent online photographer/journalist, as can be seen in her numerous blogs, Calendar Girl Blog and The Breast Views, Blog Guelph, Art Jam, and My Menopause Blog.

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