Da Vinci Code Movie Trailer

Ron Howard’s Da Vinci Code movie trailer is out and online now at Apple.com, providing glimpses of what we’ll be seeing in May. The movie clip begins in the courtyard in front of the Louvre museum, with a shot of the pyramid. Silas chants before lacerating himself. Leabing says, “You and I, Robert, we have observed history. We are in history.” We see shots of the country residence before seeing Robert looking down over the inverted pyramid. “We are in the middle of a war. One that’s been going on forever, to protect a secret so powerful that if revealed it would devastate the very foundations of mankind.” Sauniere is running. Silas is running. Sauniere lies prostrate as the Vitruvian Man. Sophie and Robert are running.

Da Vinci Code Trailer credits

The trailer finishes with the credits for the main characters, with certain letters shining with light. TOM HANKS AUDREY TAUTOU IAN MCKELLEN ALFRED MOLINA with PAUL BETTANY and JEAN RENO. What’s the secret message? THE CODES.

Click on the image below to play the Da Vinci Code trailer in YouTube


The trailer points us to the official web site: SODARKTHECONOFMAN.COM

Information is being gradually added to the IMDB site for the Da Vinci Code: www.imdb.com/title/tt0382625

Tom Hanks …. Robert Langdon
Audrey Tautou
…. Sophie Neveu
Ian McKellen …. Sir Leigh Teabing
Paul Bettany …. Silas
Jean Reno …. Bezu Fache
Etienne Chicot …. Lt. Collet
Alfred Molina
…. Bishop Aringarosa
Clive Carter …. Police Captain Biggin Hill
Seth Gabel …. Cleric
Marie-Françoise Audollent
…. Sister Sandrine
Jean-Yves Berteloot
…. Remy
Daisy Doidge-Hill
…. Sophie Age 8
Christopher Fosh
…. PC Edwards
Joe Grossi
…. Church Official
Dhaffer L’Abidine
…. PTS Agent
Jean-Pierre Marielle
…. Jacques Sauniere
Michael Norton
…. French Detective
Peter Pedrero
…. Young Silas’s father
Jürgen Prochnow …. André Vernet
Harry Taylor …. British Police Captain

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