L&P Stubbies World Famous in New Zealand

The iconic New Zealand mineral drink L&P was promoted in a classic TV ad featuring the iconic Australian shorts brand, Stubbies, producing in February 2005 a popular 30 second 1970s nostalgic documentary.

Stubbies and L&P at barbecue in New Zealand TV ad

The voiceover, by Jemaine Clement:

Back in the day when men’s fashion wasn’t cutting it modern Kiwi males demanded more from their casual attire, well what they actually got was less, a whole lot less as they welcomed in Stubbies, available mostly in brown and a frighteningly one size too small. Finally the Kiwi male was able to liberate his thighs to a breathless country. And his puku (belly) and his bum! Features included a handy front key pocket although no key could fit in it, which was cool ’cause back then well people just left their keys in the car anyway. Now any social occasion was one men could feel comfortable in as they drank their L&P while their mullets sheltered their necks from the long summer sun that burned on and on. You were there and so was L&P. World famous in New Zealand since ages ago.

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The L&P Stubbies ad was developed at Meares Taine, (now Ogilvy), Auckland, by executive creative directors Roy Meares and Jeremy Taine, creatives Jamie Hitchcock and Josh Lancaster.

Filming was shot in Helensville by director Adam Stevens, Silverscreen NZ, now with Robbers Dog, with producer Mark Foster. At first the team had collected archival footage and set out to gain permission for use by those appearing on film. However it was decided to start again from scratch, filming on super8 to get the 1970s feel.

Music was by Liquid Studios.

See Stubbies and Lemon and Paeroa at Wikipedia.

Stubbies in New Zealand TV ad

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  1. Liquid Studios did the music. Jermaine Clement, whose career was just taking off, was the voiceover for the whole campaign. It was all shot in one day at Helensville. The close up of the shorts towards the end nearly didn’t make it past approvals but with some “touching up” in the edit suite it was made ”tv friendly“.

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