Postmission – world mission by a postmodern generation

Postmission was put together by a group of Gen X leaders of mission organisations, mostly from the UK, who gathered for a week’s retreat. I was pleasantly surprised by the depth of thought developed here. It was helpful to have theories grounded in stories of mission organisations. Not too many books of this type actually engage with source material by postmodernists such as Foucault, Lyotard and Deleuze. I appreciate the application of workplace generational approaches to mission organisations.
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Levi 501 Jeans Baptised

Earlier in 2003 Levi Strauss developed a TV advert for Levi 501 jeans – made it in Australia and tried it in NZ. The ad starts with a train arriving in the night. Off steps a woman to meet friends in a waiting car. They drive through the city to the river, beneath the bridge. She wades out into the water, followed by her three friends. They take off shirts and jeans. With the help of her friends she is baptised, fully immersed, in the dark water. As she comes out of the water she is wearing jeans. The text appears: “Born Again” “Re-Cut 501 Jeans Men-Women”.

Girl baptised in Levis TV ad

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Episcopalian Gen Xer Clergy Gather The Next Generation

Gathering the Next Generation

Gathering The Next Generations: A project for Episcopalian clergy in the United States, born between 1961 and 1981. There’s a book of the same name edited by Nathan Humphrey – a collection of essays well worth reading.

The first section deals with issues surrounding the process for selecting and training the church’s clergy as they relate to Generation X. The second section looks at curacy as mentoring, campus ministries and bivocational ministry. The third section looks at four groups whose presence in the ordained ministry has grown significantly in GenX: Xers, African Americans, Gay/Lesbian/Bi/Transexual persons, and women. The fourth section addresses issues directly related to parish ministry by members of Generation X.
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Nike Keep the Ball Alive for Rugby World Cup

Nike has released “Keep the Ball Alive”, a television advertising campaign, in Australia and New Zealand in time for the Rugby World Cup. The commercial begins with a guy crashing through a glass window, rugby union ball in hand. Other London pedestrians join in the escalating game, jumping off buses, throwing in at the traffic lights and even jumping off tall buildings. The ad features a series of international rugby stars including former Wallaby Tim Horan, Ireland’s Keith Wood, France’s Fabien Galthie, England’s Lawrence Dallaglio, Dan Luger, James Simpson-Daniel and Fijian Rupeni Caucaunibuca.

Keep the Ball Alive final screen shot

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Terry Tate Reebok Office Linebacker

Terry Tate, Gridiron footballer, is recruited by Felcher and Sons to keep the staff on task. The moment someone is distracted by idle conversation or computer games, Terry Tate appears out of left field and knocks them over with a message to remember. This is all in aid of Reebok sportswear! Follow up videos include a kick at politically correct office behavior and competition in the workplace.

Terry Tate Tackle

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