Classic Australian TV Ads

Tonight leaders of the Australian creative industry gather at the Powerhouse Museum in Sydney for the Advertising Federation of Australia’s annual general meeting and celebration of fifty years of television advertising in Australia. There will be a presentation of thirty iconic Australian ads, chosen by representatives of the advertising industry here. There will be an opportunity to bring that list down to the top ten.

AFA 50 Years of TV Advertising

I’ve only been in Australia since 2001 so I haven’t seen a lot of these ads. So you Australians might have to help me out here. What are the classics you remember? Here’s the top thirty, in no particular order.

Antz Pantz – Antz Pantz ‘Sic ’em Rex’

Winfield – Anyhow (Paul Hogan)

World Series Cricket – C’mon Aussie

Holeproof – Computer Socks

Decore. The jingle used is a parody of a classic Gene Chandler doo-wop hit “Duke Of Earl” which they adapted to this commercial as “Dec-or-e. Click on the image below to play the video.

Dunlop Aircraft Carrier ad shows an EA Falcon landing on an aircraft carrier in 1992.

Yellow Pages – Goggomobil

Department of Health AIDS awareness – Grim Reaper

Kraft – Happy Little Vegemites

Harper’s Bazaar – Beauty

Harpers Cat Chow

Tooheys – How Do You Feel?

Qantas – I Still Call Australia Home

Lamb Roast – Tom Cruise (with Naomi Watts)

Life. Be In It. (1970s Government PSA featuring Norm)

AMLC – Lifeboat

Mortein – Louie the Fly

OTC – Memories

Mercedes-Benz – Crash

Coamas (Australian milk authorities) Milkman

Yellow Pages – Not Happy, Jan

Castrol – Oils Ain’t Oils

Tourism Australia – Shrimp On The Barbie (Paul Hogan)

Stainmaster (Sir Les Patterson or Pro Hart?)

Carlton Draught – Big Ad

Holeproof – Underdaks

VB (Victoria Bitter) – Original

Crown Corning – Vision Saucepans

Tourism Australia – So Where the Bloody Hell Are You?

Meadow Lea – You Ought To Be Congratulated

313 Replies to “Classic Australian TV Ads”

  1. what about…

    – the colgate toothpaste ones, with Mrs Marsh saying “like this liquid gets into chalk”
    – Mr Sheen!
    – cadbury glass and half adverts
    – slip slop slap!
    – Up There Cazaly! AFL/VFL adverts

  2. What amazes me is that a media-driven organisation such as the AFA publishes such a list without having copies of the actual ads, or even links to them, on their web site! What morons.

    Plenty of people have never seen most of the ads, almost none of the ads are on the net, and most of the few that are on the net are in QuickTime format so many people don’t have the plugin to watch them anyhow.

  3. Anyone have the Classic Tooheys How do you feel? Sailing ad of the Sydney to Hobart (Ballyhoo vs Apollo) in a downloadable format ? It is on the SMH website as a link only.

  4. Have you got a copy of the Aus Telecom ad with the young boy talking to his grandad asking what a bunyip is?

    Im just asking because the lad in it is my mate and would be funny to see it!

  5. Does anyone remember an ad in Australia where the theme song was whislted. I’m pretty sure it was an ad for a beer (maybe fourex). The ad was about blokes in the army and they all whistled this particualar song as they came out of hiding (they were in the middle of a war) and head down to the pub for a coldie.

  6. Personally, I think the classic Aussie ad is the one with ‘bugger’ all the way through it… the builder, the baby and the dog at the end when it gets catapulted down the old ‘thunder box’… any knowledge of where I can get or locate that ad?

  7. Anyone know where to get a copy of ad or jingle of Holeproofs “old” campaign “one day you’re gonna get caught with your pants down”.

  8. hey. does anyone happen to have that old NRMA add which was on in dec last year? it had all these men walking down a catwalk with spanners and hammers and stuff? I realy want it. thanks.

  9. anyone can help ? i am lloking for the ” memories ” – OTC campaign urgently.
    please let me know where i can get them.


  10. does anyone remember the health insurance ad for mbf or hcf im not sure but it has a guy and a girl talking about not needing hip replacements

    also does anyone have the D’Decore ad


  11. can someone please tell me where i can find a downloadable copy of the the seymour snowman skin cancer ad…”slip, slop, slap”.

  12. can someone please tell me where i can find a downloadable copy of the the seymour snowman skin ad…”slip, slop, slap”.

  13. When I was a kid in the 80s my sporting hero was Greg Norman, and the advertisement with him for Swan Lager was just inspirational:
    They said you’d never make it, surfing’s more your game.
    And your golf is too erratic, you’d better stick to ridin’ waves.
    They said you’d never make it, but you finally came through.
    For all of you who’ve made it, this Swan’s made for you!”

    It’s got my vote for the best Australian beer commercial of all time.

  14. Could someone be able to remind me the television commercial which featured the song “C’mon Get Happy”, which I think was shown around 1997.


      1. Do you mean Kelloggs Crispix? Where the Sound of Music type lady sings “Not a cloud in the sky, got the sun in my eyes. And I won’t be surprised if it’s a dream”?

  15. hey anyone know were to find the vb bitter ad “the code of arms” its the one were they cook up a bbq in the bush and covered in smoke standing round the bbq???i think its last years ad…

  16. bugger dog ad on

    I am also looking for (preferably downloadable)
    the original holeproof ‘pants down’ tv ad
    the d’decore ad
    I feel like a toohey’s ad


  17. Does anyone remember an animal ad (could be RSPCA but I’m not sure) and all I remember is the tune, it was really slow and went something like bodomp, bodomp…okay, that was a really bad description but hopefully someone remembers and might be able to help me track it down? Thanks!

    1. Are you thinking of the RSPCA ad with theme “All creatures great and small” that ends with a reluctant wombat running across the screen?

  18. hay

    could someone please tell me where i can find the cancer add where a guy is laying in a hospitial bed and is singing a song it was on tv all the time in december if u know any information and u please email me on

    it would be greatly appreasated

  19. Does anyone remember an ad about Vitamins? “who knows? Mum knows. How do you think she got this far?”

    Who was it by? Anywhere I can download it, find it? the words mainly.


  20. yeh i know what the song is mate, but i cant find any site where u can either download or watch the ad, can anybody help?

  21. I am after the Telstra (actually was probably Telecom) ad where a kid is ringing his mum from the phone booth because Stinky Taylor let his tyres down. Any clues, anyone? Cheers

  22. Michelle – could it be the RSPCA ad shot in a white studio with the animals running across the screen one after another? The copyline was “For all creatures great and small’.
    Aleisha – wasn’t that ad for Underdaks? (I reckon we should STILL be calling ’em ‘Underdaks’!).
    Craig – I’m with you. I can’t believe there’s no mpeg/watchable site of all our old favourites. We didn’t even have a telly until ’75 and yet I remember so many of them and when thinking about them, realise how fantastically Australian they were! When some bright spark has the time to put together such a collection…well.. They Outta Be Congratulated!

  23. The Yellow Pages “Olympic Games” ad from the mid/late 90’s.

    Up in the broadcast box, on the telephone after a runner from the small African natin of Roboto has won, and they can’t find the national anthem …

    “I need the national anthem for Roboto … NO, Ro-bo-to! What, you’ve got it?! Just play it down the line!”

    Holds phone to microphone with a grimace

    “Rrrrrrrrow, row, row you boat, gently down the stream ….”

    LMAO every time!

  24. Hey Nat!! That ad is the one I’m in here searching for! I too LMAO every time I think of it, I think it’s even better than the ‘Not happy Jan’ one’s! Have to admit, Yellow Pages have an excellent advertising company, that obviously employs someone with an absolutly hilarious SOH! I so hope I can find it somewhere, couldn’t locate it at youtube, so I guess if it’s not there, it’s not anywhere close at hand 🙁

  25. Hi you might find most of these ads at
    just try searching as i’ve seen some of the ads that people have mentioned in these posts and the rspca ad that michelle was after is there aswell…

  26. I had a copy of an old Underdax commercial where a guy is going through the scanner at an airport and ends up having to strip down to his undies. Very funny. I lost the clip when my computer crashed. Anyone have a copy?

  27. Does anyone know what tv advertisment had the jingle ‘I’ve got dreams…’? I think it was a homemaker advertisment… Its driving me crazy! If anyone rememebers PLEASE let me know


    Can someone please help me find a copy mp3/wav or .avi of the Swan Lager “Never Make It” Sound Bight!!! Please…or if anyone knows who the campaign/ad was made by maybe i can chase them down?

    Thanks In Advance?

  29. That’s what we call ding a lings… The Vitamin’s ad… The ABC’s… The Danger in your house ad… boo za boo zib, How do we look after our teeth.
    Who knows where I can watch them now?
    (I guess mum does)
    Seriously I really need to see them again.

  30. I am looking for those tvcs where the boring accountant achieves a great return for you – H&R Block I think.
    “this is Jan – she is …” something like that
    Can anyone help??!

  31. Loulou .. I am keen to find that animal ad also .. know where i can download it from ..

    also does anyone know of the ad where the tag line at the end is “he’s gotta go back to get his hat” may be for beer or something

  32. Can someone please help me find a commercial from 1996ish

    I believe it was for IRON. One of the tag lines was “Im a single mother with a daughter” others include “It could be environmental, I really dont know… it could be in the watterrr…” It was filmed in black and white from memory. It was various snippets of ‘Australian women’ and their antics of xxxxxx?

    Its killing me. I need to find this commercial. I’ve Youtubed it and nothing comes up.

    Can anyone help?!?!

  33. Anyone know where I could find the old King Gee commercial from the 80’s where a series of misfortunes occurs at a construction site; all started by a small carton of milk.

    Any help would be great!

  34. I need to settle a debate with my wife and it’s about a TV commercial, maybe last year (06 )or the year before (05). I can’t remember what it really was about but this is what I do remember from it.
    There was a butler and he was the main focus in the ad, he was waiting to wait on his customers ( couples ) which seem to be somewhere else, and I think it was in a big old house at a wine yard. The song they used in the commercial I think was, “if you go into the woods today” At the end of the ad you see the butler dancing out side to the song.
    If anyone knows what that comercial was about and where to find it,.

  35. Hi everyone, I am desperately searching for an old vb commercial made around 1978 – 1984. It features a relative who has since passed on. I have spent the last 5 years searching for it. Bascially the vb ad im looking for features a few greek men at victoria markets in melbourne and one of them is holding up a fish about his head. I cant remember what else is featured in that commercial if anyone can help I would be forever greatful. my email is nikki_jae at Thankyou

  36. Justin Stern any luck finding that advertisement for Swan Beer “they said you’d never make it etc…” great ad
    any one out there who knows where it is i will buy them a beer.

  37. I am trying to find an online copy (either video or just audio) for what was I believe HBA Health Cover, pre June 30th, that involved the cricketer and the “Creepy little kid”… you know, “Hit’s you pretty hard, hey dad?”

  38. i’m looking for an ad that was shown during a movie tennage mutant ninja turtles very early 90’s. the ad is for mexican food. there was a dancing cactus and the song that was sung by the cactus that i recall is ” mexican, of course you can, comes the pot, comes the can, you don’t need no frying pan!, whoo hoo hoo.” yeh i know that’s sad but i need to find this ad. please help. thanks.

  39. Hello, I’m really keen to track down copies of old Honda motorcycle ads. In particular XL 250S/XL500S. Made in Australia around 1978/79. Any help would be great.

  40. Can sum1 please please tell me i can find copy of old sydney add selling security doors/locks/screens wif bloke pretending to b burgalar in it wearing balaclava, it was screened bout mid 80’s Cheers Hussy

  41. Michelle,

    I know exactly the ad that you are referring

    Like you, the most memorable part for me was the creepy, thumping music.
    It featured a labrador retriever named Houdini,
    running through a bush location.

    All I can remember of the narration is:

    “This is Houdini . . . his ears have been cut

    It also shows a headshot of Houdini as the
    camera pans out to show the mutilation.

    I think it was an RSPCA ad, but I’m not sure.
    I’m looking for it too.
    And yes, the music still creeps me out 21 years
    later, just thinking about it.

  42. hi guys im dying to find the ad from early 90’s i THINK it was promoting tests for cervical cancer. its different women saying ” awww it could be lifestyle, could be the environment…..aww im a single mother with a daughter…” with a really brash australian accent..

  43. Peter – regarding the debate you are having with your wife. The ad was for the Yarra Valley. The jingle was a version of ‘Teddy Bear’s Picnic’. I think some of it was shot in Montsalvat in Eltham. The idea was that if you go there you won’t want to leave – the guests were hiding behind curtains and in the vineyards and the butler was having to stash all their suitcases in a big cupboard. It was a beautiful ad – a bit too beautiful as I had to catch it a few times before I understood what they were promoting!

  44. that animal ad that goes bodom badom, was i think for the melbourne zoo, not rspca. great add.

  45. Were they whistling ‘The 1812 Overture’ by Tchaikovsky? That one was the ad for the Army Reserves.

  46. ‘They said you’d never make it…but you finally came through” was the jingle for Swan beer (WA brewery) around the time we won the America’s cup. It was all owned by Alan Bond at the time.

    “You made it through, and this one’s made for you…..this SWAN’s made for you”

  47. does anyone know where i can find the Kit Kat commercial that had the cockatoo saying “I know…” down the phone while his owner had a break?

  48. Does anyone know where i can get a download of an old tooheys ad where its set in gallipoli and at the end of it one guy say to another ” now he’s gotta go back and get his hat”.

  49. I was wondering if anyone knows where I can find the old Cougar whiskey ads, the one where the guy is trying to remember his order at the bar and a blonde in a tight vest with “Cougar” on the front serves him and he orders “4 Cougars” instead.

    I know of this ad but never seen it.


  50. I too like Sidney am looking for that KIT KAT ad where the cocketoo repeats the words;” I know”
    Is it available anywhere???

  51. Does anyone know where I can download the new Smiths Chips ad where they’re at the beach. The song in it is “So happy together”

  52. Hi, I have been desperately searching for years for some ads I remember from my earlier years. They are ..

    1. I think it was shell unleaded fuel. You see a merrigoround with the horses going up and down, with a kinky tune playing, then one breaks out and runs free, a big white stallion, it jumps a big gap and is running as the music picks right up. The ad was introducing shell? unleaded fuel.

    2. The classic Holden VL commodore commercial about 1986, pulling the Australia II yaght across the dessert, passing a ford. Was done at the introduction of unleaded fuel for the Holden V8 to assure people that the V8 had not lost any power due to unleaded fuel.

    3. ‘The lion that roars in 84’ classic holden commercial

    plz plz plz anyone who can help me send me an email

  53. Hi,

    I am trying to find a downloadable copy or youtube url of an Aussie ad that aired in late 2006 early 2007. It was either on SBS or ABC (sometimes was played at the movies before the flick started) and it followed the narrative of an idea or something. it was created using all neon lights as if someone was scribbling the story on paper and it had a mans voice narrating the ad. Something like “there once was an old man…” If anyone can help that’d be great.


  54. I’m looking for the old a hudson hardware commercials which had a character in it called house pride herb-can anyone help???

  55. Thanks to the article, it make the life of a seo/link building easier and make the commenter come back again and again. I searched for a while to find the right answer to my questions!

  56. Where can I find a copy of the classic Noel Brophy 70’s era commercial… “so call now for your free (cattledog lands in his arms)no no, not a cattledog, a catalogue!”. I cant remember what was being advertised, which might help me locate it. Can anyone help?

  57. Re …the Decore ad

    Music was produced by a friend of mine Clive Harrison, he did the bass vocal parts which was a remake of the 1950’s hit “Duke Of Earl”

    Clive is ex Kush, Avalanche, LRB and Dave Dobbyn (DD Smash) also worked at times with Les Gock (ex Hush)making jingles..he is still about doing sound for film and TV

    The Decore ad I believe was released as a single under the name of “Dukes Of Earlwood”
    Hope this helps..

    1. Hi Paul, i just found your post as I am looking for the same commercial. It was filmed at Warwick Farm and the Capri was owned and driven by my father, Tony. The 4 cylinder Capri’s were underpowered and the V6’s were not then available so my father fitted a 289ci V8 in his as soon as he picked it up from the dealership. The cameraman was named Allen Grice (not the racing driver) and he did the filming of most of the Coke commercials as well as the second unit filming of the movie On The Beach.

  58. Funny! no one has mentioned the UNCLE SAM ad that won awards in the seventies for best commercial. People these days don’t seem to remember it!!!!!!!!!!!

  59. One ad I’d love to see again, among 1000’s of others, is the Sydney Electricity ad, which has time lapse images of waterways, etc. including a waterlock being raised and lowered, the soundtrack was a great piece of classical music.

  60. OK.. Enough is enough!!
    What I need to do (or someone else), is get a bunch of (100’s of) video cassettes from the mid 70’s until the mid 00’s and play them on a studio quality VCR/VTR, and digitise the ads found on those tapes, in full resolution, and edit/trim their starts & ends, and save them as individual files on a hard drive. Then make these available on the net.
    Some people (read: bloody wowsers) would say you can’t do that, you don’t have the copyright, etc.!
    But I say “Stuff ’em!”
    This is getting them more free advertising, so they should thanks us!
    Even if it isn’t, what harm can it do!?
    They made us watch them, some of us love them, so why deny us the right, to watch them again ?!

    I hate it when I see people chuck out their old VHS tapes, I take em all home, when I see em. Sometimes I find classic ads, from the 80’s, 90’s, etc. on them.

    The place to really find a goldmine, is at the TV studios. They keep nearly everything.
    But they wouldn’t let you make copies of them, not even for $10,000 per ad. And I’m talking 1000’s of ads!

    Also, with the recent proliferation of PVRs/DVRs/DVD recorders & Tivo units, a lot more recording of TV will be going on. And in a higher quality format, than old VHS.
    Hopefully people will keep ads on DVD.
    I’d love to have a DVD set of just TV ads.
    Even run of the mill ones like advertising a TV program coming up.

    Let me know what you think. Thanks.

  61. I became a MASSIVE fan of the computer game(s) Lemmings. Then I remembered seeing an ad for it on TV, available at Harvey Norman, I think.
    Must’ve been around 1991 or so, when the game first came out.
    This kind of ad is one most people who bother to KEEP ads, wouldn’t keep.

    But with digital media storage space becoming cheaper every week, we can afford to.

    Lets just hope someone set their VCR to record a show, and left the ads in! And this ad, and countless others are saved for posterity!

  62. I’m looking for an old taronga park zoo ad where the animals are singing “you belong in the zoo”… i used to love that ad when i was a kid.

  63. I am also looking for the original Holeproof underdaks ad, as well as the first few Fosters “How to speak Australian” ads (salad, remote control, washing machine. Can anyone help. Youtube has many but not the ones I’m looking for.

  64. hi… im curious to find out the name of the song they use in the background of the current ANZ banking ads? the one with the violins… does anyone know?

  65. Living in the US now, but i remember growing up in the 80’s/90’s with ads like Rita the ETA eater, remakes of the original vegemite ads ‘puts a rose in your cheeks’ or something like that, Razamataz pantyhose “uh oh, razamataz”, Daffodil margerine ads ‘turn your bread upside down, taste it, don’t waste it, the great taste of daffodil’.

  66. Interesting nostalgia from the Aussie “baby boomer” era etc. …
    like someone else mentioned – those ‘you need uncle sam’ deodorant ads ;
    … what about the “don’t waste a wash” Lifebuoy soap ads;
    … and those ORIGINAL Toyota “Silly Bugga” commercials [ where someone breaks down in a desert scene ] – not the newer “bugga!” ads filmed in the NZ ;
    … and those epic soft drink commercials with John Farnham etc. [ Fanta, Miranda, Tab etc. ]
    … or perhaps does anybody remember those daggy cigarette ads with Graeme Kennedy for Wild Woodbines or Kool menthols [ No I’m not a smoker ! ]

  67. hi does anyone know where i can get a downloadable copy of the cartoon ad of the painting of the sistine chapel ” you want what where?? how about a couple of coats of nice duck egg blue” late 70’s early 80’s

  68. You need Uncle Sam You need Uncle Sam, lets get together with the starred and striped can.
    Its the perfect connection for fellas and girls…and under your arm is the top of the worrrld….wow now i am showing my age!

    Can anyone remember an ad from the very early 70’ was an ad for Red Tulip chocolate easter eggs…and a little boy is shown chasing a white rabbit throught tall ferns in a forest…it leads him to a stash of eggs..I was only very small when this was aired but have never forgotten it

  69. I’m trying to track down the lyrics to an advertisement about saving water back in the 1980’s. From memory I think it was a cartoon.

    So far all I can remember is:

    Don’t you think you oughta, save water,
    Don’t you think you oughta save water?

    Narrator says: “Here’s Sarah, she’s only 4” Sarah replies: “Four and a Half”
    Narrator says: “and she said..”
    Sarah then sings: “There’d be no green trees, buzzy buzzy bees, no water in the hose, you could wet your toes, it’d be a dry dusty place, you couldn’t wash your face, that’s where we’d be without water”

    I can’t remember anymore, and would be really grateful to anyone who could provide more info (or better still directions to access a copy of the commercial)? 🙂

    1. There’d be no green trees
      Or buzzy, buzzy bees.
      Nothing in the hose,
      No puddles for your toes.
      There’d be a dry dusty place
      You couldn’t wash your face.
      That’s where we’d be without water.

      There’d be hot thirsty dogs.
      Dry dusty frogs.
      It wouldn’t be cool
      In a dry swimming pool.
      We sure are glad
      We got water dad.
      That’s where we’d be without water.

  70. Hi everyone,

    I have been trying to find an ad from the early 90’s i think.

    It was filmed in a warehouse and basically they made music by banging bins and lids, maybe tap dancing… and at the end a guy throws up an apple, catches it and then takes a big bite and you hear a nice crisp crunching noise..

    Can anyone help, its been on my mind for months now!! Please

    1. Marcus…

      I know you posted AGES ago, BUT… in YouTube, look up “Stomp Apples” – is this the ad you were talking about?

  71. I was discussing with friends ads that stand out from our youth. There are 2 ads in particular that have comments that stand out – and I have no idea what they were actually advertising.

    The first one: a man in a finnish (or similar) accent saying “look at the handle” as a picture of a cat with a handle on it’s back is shown.

    The second one: a grungy teenager is asking the question “got any blacker?”

    If anyone knows what these 2 ads are for I would appreciate it! I’m racking my brain!


  72. What about that classic mint ad. The one with those two guys in the grandstand. The nerdy one gives the fat dude a mint and then starts screaming after he swallows one. Jila Mints I think. Brilliant!

  73. Oooh…anyone have copies of the ads for “Pauls Iced Coffee…the Territories own” or the “Farmers Union Iced Coffee” with the overturned milk truck & none of the tow truck drivers wanna go rescue the truck till they’re told what the load is???
    Funny funny funny

  74. karen, the got any blacker ad was for clarks shoes, it ran at back to school time and featured that kid being given a bunch of different shoes, all not black and saying ‘got ’em in black?’ then being given the black pair, and saying the tag line that we in my family are still repeating to eachother!!

  75. I remember these:
    You can get it with UV (UV Sunscreen).

    Where do ya get it? (Cut Price Supa Value Stores).

    Look! a white tornado (Handy Andy cleaner).

    Red Robin Starch (mighty tough socks).

    Where will you hide your Coolabah? (wine).

    1. I’m still looking for this one and can’t find it anywhere, would anyone have it?
      We should all go through our old VHS tapes to see what we have for archival purposes.

  76. Hey Tony (June 19th). I loved the Red Robin mighty tough soxes, soxes, soxes. I’ve been looking for it, at least the audio.
    Reeeed, it’s a fire engine, firecracker BANG!

    I’d love to find it.

  77. Does anyone remember the prodect name of a Australian TV commercial for a throat lossinger with a moose head saying ” MY legs, my legs I can’t feel my legs “

  78. What about these 2:

    1) (Think it was for Integral Energy and aired around 1990?) – At night a cat who was sleeping next to a heater gets up and jumps out the window. While the cat is gone someone comes and closes the window. Then the doorbell rings, they go and answer the door – the cat is sitting there and the cat asks “So who closed the window hmmm”?

    2) A really old ad for Australia’s Wonderland (Sydney). This ad starts off in a kid’s bedroom at night – the kid wakes up, floats out the window and meets a man selling balloons (I think?) then the scene changes to Australia’s wonderland and the song “Wouldn’t it be wonderful if the world was Wonderland” plays.

    If you see either of these please let me know.

  79. Can anyone help me get the razzamatazz pantyhose tv ads from the 1980s/1990s? Or know where to get them? I have already got the ones off youtube

  80. I am looking for the words and jingle for an ad, I think in the early 80’s, I think was a government ad promoting healthy eating in WA. It was a cartoon and i can remember some of the words. A little bit of this and a little bit of that, you feel like you are jumping out of your skin. carbohydates come in sugar bread and potatoes too, there’s fats, boomboodum, margarine, proteins come from meat eggs, minerals come from salt and vegies and water from the tap. Then ends with who knows? mum knows, how do you think we got this far. I know, I was about 10 years old.
    Can anyone help? ta

    1. Hi Kassie,
      I’ve also been searching for this ad. I am probably about the same age as you are and this jingle still pops up in my head occasionally. There was a similar ad running at about the same time – it was about taking care of your teeth. The last line was, ‘People even leave them in a jar beside the bed, now you don’t want to be like them so you brush your teeth instead and you’ll have teeth!’
      Have you had any luck with finding the lyrics to the health jingle so far?

      1. This series off animated TV Ads we’re all also played on SES-8 Mount Gambier(Regional TV for SA and VIC) when I was i kid some 20 years ago. Not sure why I have just remembered them now, but I have found them all on 20yrs on and I can still remember most the words!

        – Ding Alings
        -Dirt and Germs
        -Why we eat
        -Brush your Teeth

        There’s also a Facebook group dedicated to these Ads called: “Channel 9 Community Service Announcement Commercials appreciation group”.


        1. Thank-you, thank-you Donovans! I too vividly remember these ads from childhood and find myself now singing them to my little ones as we’re brushing our teeth – but I had some lyric gaps here and there. Thank-goodness for You Tube; I’m going to look them up right now!

  81. Hi, does anyone know of a commercial about 2 cats sitting on the edge of a lake? The cats are not cartoon, as I remeber puppets like character with large eyes, one says, “Is this the edge of the world?” and the other reples yes and there are fish swimming in the lake.

  82. Does anyone know of the ad about 1970 of a lighthouse on a winters night and a woman arrives on the doorstep and says tilly saw your light on we dont eat much you know

  83. Does anyone remember that ad about Australians having a go with a little boy building a sandcastle and it gets washed away by the sea. There was a lady at the end in a green tracksuit with her thumbs up. The lyrics were Its a typical aussie morning on a typical aussie day………….have a go you can do it. any help would be great its been driving me crazy.

    1. Hi Zoey, I, too, have been looking for the ad. I think, just from memory, that it was the Whitlam Government trying to motivate the population to try harder. Just from memory: It’s a typical Aussie morning, on a typical Aussie day, and I love this place I was born in, in a typical Aussie way. And I’d sure hate to loose our sunshine, but I can feel it slipping away, and we’re gonna have to wake up sometime, ’cause everything is not OK. Have a go, you can do it. Have a go, you’ll come through it. That’s how we got the country started, boots and all, and not half hearted. So let’s all climb that mountain, ’cause that’s all mountains are for. Let’s all stand up and be counted, and show that we are worth working for. Have a go etc. Hey, nothing wrong with my long term memory.

      1. No, it was WAY after the Whitlam government, it was an 80s ad that was part of a wider campaign (radio, etc) to get people to as you say, “try harder”. I reckon it was during Bob Hawke’s time.

        IIRC, the ad was one of those Mojo ones, so maybe they’ll have it somewhere?

        1. Haha.. it was 1979 and it was the Fraser Govt.. driving me mad as well, cant find it (googled the lyrics and got this site)

    2. I loved that ad when it came on in, I think the 70’s or 80’s. I had forgotten all about it until the other night when it came up on Barry Humphries Flashback on 7 TWO. I don’t think they showed the full version. Wouldn’t it be wonderful to get copies of old TVC’s that we grew up with and give us special memories.
      The show can be purchased from the ABC Shops;

    3. Yes,I remember it Zoey,it was one of the “LIFE – BE IN IT” series of Federal Government – sponsored ads in the early 1980s.

    4. It was an Australian Ad 1983. It can be found in Retro Old Commercials. It wasn’t anything to do with a political Company. It was a community service announcement. I love the jingle.

      1. Thanks for the words memory Robert. I think you are really close. I have also looked and looked for this ad- my memory- 1979/80. It still comes into my head when things are looking a bit tough.

        1. It was in 1979, it won a logie for the best community service announcement. It was a MOJO jingle. I was the girl in the green tracksuit at the end of the add, I do not have a copy of it.

  84. Hi – I’m looking for a washing powder add from the 90’s. there is a guy you is wearing a dirty white shirt and he kind of dances (does the emu) to the washing machine tot he tune of the start or pretty woman. he puts the shirt int he was, goes away, comes back, puts the shirt on and it bleds in with the pure white background…. anyone know where i can find this?

  85. hi, i’m looking for a CIG natural gas advert 1978 -1980 at the end there was a man getting on the truck? have been searching for this -for 9 years any help appreciated..

  86. Hi, I am trying to find an old Australian tv commercial my Mother was in to suprise her.
    It was for the new Datsun 260z (Mum thinks that was the model) & it was 1974 or 1975.
    If anyone knows how I can get my hands on this, please let me know.

  87. Hi All,
    I am looking for a commercial for the game – twister. It was in the early 80’s and had an indian theme. Any help would be much appreciated !

  88. Hey all,
    I’m after a corn flakes advert. It had a this one scene in it that flashed through heaps of different people eating corn flakes at a breakfast table. I think it was 1997 (think) any help is muchly appreciated.


  89. Hi, I’m hoping someone can help me with a jingle to an ad that probably aired in the 90s??? or early 00s???? I THINK it’s a Jim Beam ad (but not certain) and the line goes something like “That’s where the drink is…with Jim Beam” (It doesn’t make sense so I think it’s wrong but it was something similar. Anyone?

    1. You are not thinking of the UV sunscreen ad are you? You can get it with UV, you can get it with UV. the alcohol ad that still sticks in my mind is Tia Maria, golden brown, drink it when the sun goes down (they are both on You Tube by the way)

    2. Most definitely a Jim Beam ad- sung in a really heavy good-old boy accent. It’s like a travelogue of a night out in a country and western bar.I can’t think of any other lyrics- I’m not sure there were any. Pretty sure it was a voiceover

    1. I’m pretty sure the Where do ya get it? ads were for supa value-cut price store chain and were around 1978-80

  90. I was looking for an advertisement that was supposed to raise awareness of people with disabilities, but it had the opposite effect. It was in the mid 80’s from memory, (gimme a break, I was born in ’78!) It had the following lines, and as as I say, it was hilarious.
    “I’m gonna have a Sausage Roll.”
    “I’m gonna have Sausage Roll too.”
    “I’m gonna have a Pastie.”
    “With Sauce on it?”

  91. I was in an add when I was in yr 2 approx 1992 with the song “I am Australian” it was a black and white add and just had different snippets of children. My Mum had tapped it when it first came on TV but someone taped over it and we have been trying to find a copy ever since. If you have a copy or know where to get one please reply. Cheers.

  92. I’ve been looking for an old RAAF ad from the seventies which simply featured an F-111 flying through clouds in a blue sky. The soundtrack was a song which, to the best of my memory went something like:-
    “I’ve looked through my eagle’s eye
    dreamed that I could touch the sky
    I’ve broken all the chains that bind
    seen the world at different times,
    Hey look at me I can fly” (the best I could do)
    It was the ad that had me wishing I could be a pilot (never happened, I was not smart enough). Can anybody help?

    1. I remember as …I’m sailing up here and it’s a beautiful day, the earth seems a million miles away. Seems like only yesterday, I dreamed that I could fly. On the wings of an eagle I could reach right out and touch the sky, I’ve broken all the chains that bind … sorry – can’t find it either 🙁

      1. Bruce Woodley (of The Seekers) did ads for the Navy, Army, and RAAF in the mid-70’s – most likely one of those.

      2. I remember it as Sitting up here but oh what an earworm. I’ve had that jingle burned into my brain for more than forty years.
        As I remember it
        I’m sitting up here and it’s a beautiful day,
        The Earth seems a million miles away,
        It seems like only yesterday
        I dreamt that I could fly.
        On the wings of an eagle I
        Could reach right up and touch the sky,
        I’ve broken all the chains that bind
        Seen the world in a different light
        Hey look at me
        I can fly

        1. Yes I remember it clearly but can not find it.
          I took have had this tune in my brain since I was about 10.
          They used to play it at Rowley Park Speedway on Friday nights in Adelaide.
          I wish I could find it.

        2. I’m fairly sure it was a variant of Russell Morris’s song
          “On the wings of an eagle”
          Maybe an additional verse written for the advertisement.

        3. That’s the lyric! (I remember “seen the world through different eyes…” but wouldn’t bet on it. My recollection is the aircraft was a Mirage, but I might be wrong on that too. I, also, would desperately love to see that ad again. One for the Canberra Film and Sound Archive”? An absolute classic.

  93. I am trying to remember what the product was for…the only part i can remember clear is at the end a little boy, says, “thats 131332” (or3) but the last numbers come out like,,firty two..

      1. wow thank you reenie, been driving me crazy, was thinking along the lines of ultra tune. but then kept going off in other directions…thanks,,

  94. I’m trying to remember what this ad was for …it showed people rushing through the city streets with this music backing …”weekday dreamin’, Friday schemin’ to get away, may be half past four then the world is yours for two whole days, can please yourself and no-one else til Monday” .. can’t remember the rest :o(

  95. Hello all , has anyone seen a pizza hut from the late 70’s add featuring flying machine . where kids threw the promotional planes around.
    Any help apreciated

  96. Do you remember a very old wagon wheel advert ?
    Late 60s or early 70s
    Two brothers played roll.
    In wagon being attacked by indians.

    1. I do, there were a couple of ads for Wagon Wheels. Another one where a cavalry guy is riding to report an Indian sighting, is just about to talk then gets hit by an arrow, and just manages to gasp ‘Indians’ before falling.

    2. “Aww hit that dirt…here she comes again” pew! pew! (ricochets) as the mum flings a wagon wheel at each of the two lads.
      I’ve been looking for this ad for years.
      Maybe not the one you’re thinking of since this one would be late ‘70s or very early ‘80s.

  97. Hi everyone.

    I am looking for the tv ads for “pot o’cash” featuring a dog called scratch. He used to think the that it was “pot o’cat”.

    They were ads for scratchies by the SA lotteries commission, and i think they were from the 80’s

  98. Hi all.

    I am looking for the SA lotteries commission ads from the 80’s (I think) for scratchie tickets, titled “pot o’ cash”.

    They featured a dog called “scratch”, which always thought it was about “pot o’ cat”.

    Can anyone help please?

  99. Growing up with Brisbane TV, I still remember these adverts
    1/Mighty Mints – (another brand of tic tac)
    M-M-M-M-Mighty M-M-M-Mints makes the other mini mints look a little shifty.
    2/ The Leo Muller car yard Ad – What comes after L, M, think Leo Muller
    I found this echoing ad creepy when they’d play it during the late Friday night
    horror movie on Channel 0.
    3/ The Safeway Sam ad for safeway cars, Sam was an accident prone
    superhero and the music theme was ghost riders in the sky.
    A new ad would screen on Channel 9 just before 7pm on Friday nights and
    replayed Saturday morning.
    4/The UV (you can get it with UV) desert ad, I think it won a best commercial
    5/The Leed Lemonade ad which featured the Road Runner and Coyote, but
    who could forget Kirks Lemonade (it’s sparkle-arkle-arkling).
    6/Chickadees, (chick chickadees, they’re chicken flavoured and crunchy-
    7/Necks get nervous, hot and dehydrated, so, don’t treat your neck like it was
    someone you hated, don’t, napalm your throat with that, atomic fallout and
    dry up your vocal chords and disolve your tongue out cause Paul’s make
    great dairy drinks that really wet your neck, so, give ya neck a wet, give ya
    neck a wet.
    8/The Congo Pool ad done to the Banana Boat Song.
    I hope these spark someone elses memory.

  100. Remember the West Coast Cooler advert featuring a beautiful young woman lying on the beach wearing a pair of Ray-ban sunglasses. The voice over begins, “What’s the world’s coolest sunglasses?”, Ray-ban of course, followed by a few other questions, then “What’s the world’s coolest drink?” West Coast Cooler, the woman then gets splashed by a wave and she says “That’s cool!” Would love to fine a copy to show the kids.

  101. Hi,

    I’m desperately trying to find the old Underwater World commercial with the voice overs. Main line I remember is “Faster Sharky Faster” and the fish hiding in the coral.

    Please Help.

  102. Does anyone know where I can find the “go to bed Jessica” Ad … I really need it & can’t find it anywhere….

  103. Hi all
    I’m looking for a couple of ads…
    1. A shell ad from the 70s – just a bloke in a ford falcon wagon driving across the landscape – and the lyrics – similar to
    “Give me work to do, Give me health, Give me joy in simple things, Give me an eye for beauty, A tongue for truth, A heart that loves, A mind that reasons, A sympathy that understands. Give me neither malice nor envy, But a true kindness And a noble common sense. At the close of each day Give me a book And a friend with whom I can be silent. ”
    circa late 70s

    2. A Catrol Ad with a Torana in it ..circa late 70s

    3. Gillete Dry Look ad – Australian version .. (reason:I’m in it..) circa 1972


  104. Hi, I am trying to find a TV commercial from the late 60’s early 70’s…featuring a bride entering a large hall and looking up while the camera slowly pans down and around her with just music playing…I still remember the jingle. It was an ad for “Cusson’s Imperial Leather” soap I believe. I’m sure it’s a black and white commercial.

    1. I remember this ad when I was a boy and have been looking for it for years but so far no luck finding it. Was there a dove released in the last seconds of the ad ?

  105. Does anyone remember an ad in which there were two kids arguing along the lines of:
    “You get Uncle Charlie”
    “No, you get Uncle Charlie.”
    “Ha ha you lose, YOU get Uncle Charlie”

    Would love to get one up on a mate by finding out what the ad was for.

  106. Hubba Bubba – There’s gunna be a gum-fight!
    I am trying to find a copy of this advertisement as I was in it as a child and I would like to show my children. It was filmed in 1982 and shown through the 80’s , however this was before we had a VCR and I never managed to get a copy of the ad. It’s the one where someone runs along and says “there’s gunna be a gum-fight” and a man falls backwards into a full horse-trough and then at the end the good guy says “big bubbles – no troubles”. Any suggestions?
    Thanks so much

  107. Im trying to find a copy of the health department advert about teeth…
    a few of the lines were- ” and if you dont look after them,they will all fall out,so how ,do ,we look after our teeeeeth…first up and down on the outside,then up and down on he outside…simple isnt it…people even leave them in a jar beside the bed,but you dont want to be like that so brush your teeth instead and you’ll have teeth……”
    Want to show it to My daughter 🙂

    would really appreciate if it can be found


  108. Hi,
    looking for an ad from the 80s may have been part of clean up Australia campaign,it was animated and a little magician tries to make the rubbish disappear “abracadabra abracadabra I shall now make this here litter disappear” but nothing happens and then the pied piper comes along playing a song and the rubbish follows him and jumps into the bin. LOL

  109. Hi- have had a great laugh reading all those requests- good times, good times. Does anyone remember an ad for some tiype of community service or government thingy where there was a lng line of naked people from newborns to ancients in a rainforest?
    Or is it just me?

  110. What a great collection! I’m 44 & these brings back some real memories.These are definitely iconic.I’d include a few more though:
    Palmolive aka ‘You’re soaking in it’. Madge is one of the first household names in Aust advertising.Surprised me to learn they made their own versions of Madge in overseas additions of the ad.Robina Beard played the character for years.
    “Hey Charger!’
    If you’re under 55 and have never heard the expression ‘Hey Charger!’ in Aus you’ve been living under a rock for the last 40 years.

    The Tia Maria ad ‘got a taste of de golden brown’ from 1984.A beautifully shot,classy ad.The girl’s legs went on forever!
    The ‘no knickers ad’.”I’m honestly wearing no knickers-from Holeproof of course! It caused a fuss at the time and it’s actually very innocent.
    ‘Oh,oh,Razzamatataz.’ We sang this in the playground.The campaign went for years.
    American Express,1980:
    “What kind were they?” Another one highly quoted on the playground.Don’t know if poor old Mr Wong would be allowed by the PC crowd today though!
    Julius Sumner Miller’s Cadbury ads.
    “A glass & a half of full cream milk.” Kids did the experiments,much to the chagrin of their parents.We also tried to copy his cut glass accent.To this day I do the voice when justifying to my family why a chocolate binge is a good thing.
    Mrs.Marsh Colgate ad:’It really gets in.” God,didn’t we hate this woman! Probably THE most hated figure EVER in Aus advertising.
    For me,an ad is iconic when even some 25 years or more after its original airing,I can quote it from memory at length.The best ones also capture something about the era.The TiaMaria ad has all the 80s hallmarks-gorgeous amazon supermodel,music video photography,the emergence of racial diversity in ads for the first time.The casual sexism of the Razamatazz ad is just so 70s & its appeal on the playground also made it memorable.
    These are just a few that spring to mind.Gosh,I feel old!

  111. does anyone remember the a hudson hardware commercial where at the end they say that’s a hudson, hudson with a h. if anyone can find these ads it would be appreciated they let me know where to get them. even ones with the character of house pride herb in it. thanks.

    1. He actually said ” ‘udson with a HAITCH”. Hearing the letter H pronounced as “haitch” rather than the correct way “aitch” used to set my teeth on edge, even at the time…

    2. Hi John I remember the ad very well, I have been looking everywhere online and I can’t find it anywhere. I’m only finding people like you and me who mention it. I know you commented years ago but I’m looking for it tonight so I thought I’d reply. I hope someone sees this and leaves you a link to a video or…..just something. I’m just glad that I’m not the only person that remembers the Hudson’s with an H ad. I was really starting to think that I had imagined it.

  112. Hi 🙂

    Just wondering if anyone remembers the add that had a lion on it that said “I didn’t eat him sir, I ate a pie” can’t remember what product it was for.


  113. I’m desperately searching for the Kimbies nappy ad. I can’t find it on You tube anywhere. I used to sing this to my brother and it would be the cause of many a fistfight between the 2 of us. Of course, being the superior older sister, I would always win!!!
    I would like to locate it and play it as a surprise for his upcoming 35th birthday.
    I have been told that it was Graham Bond and Rory O’Donahue who wrote this ad.

  114. I have been searching for an ad for soothers.

    it pretty much is two guys in a room.. I think its like the godfather.

    The ad goes something like this –

    Johnny, go down to the store and get me a packet of soothers

    Is that all you want

    What do you mean is that all I want… you think I like talking with a dry sore throat… Get outta here you idiot!

      1. Nope, I just asked again on here. Have you managed to find it? Do you recall the ad going along those lines with the wording?

  115. Does anybody know where I can find a copy of the originalo Clayton’s ad – you know, “the drink you have when you’re not having a drink”?

  116. You remember those sci-fi milk adverts in the mid 90’s the molecular reconstruction one where the girl says “Chips” but her mother says “Salad sandwich” and the one with the “Flippin’ WardroMat” where did they go?

  117. does anyone remember a tourism ad in the 80s that became a number 1 chart topper. It was advertising Australia and the lyrics were : Hey you come on over to my side of the world” I cant find it anywhere

  118. Could any help me out,please? I’m trying to find out the singers name who’s on those classic Meadow Lea ads ( you ought to be congratulated, wait until they taste it) and the classes tooheys ads ( how do you feel) I’ve been trying for a while now..

  119. “Gas the living ….flame”, commercial for AGC was done by Foot Cone & Belding SYD (FCB)
    I remember it well as i was working their as a junior at the time.

    1. I remember that “living flame” ad. I was in primary school and we had a teacher who had danced as one of the gas flames in the commercial. I remember that I was really really excited about knowing a famous person ha ha. Obviously as a kid anybody that is on the television must be a famous person….right!!!???

  120. Does anyone recall the words to the Prosser Power Ad set to Mozarts Rondo Alla Turko. It ended ” all my pistons came at once, when I found Prosser Power. ” maybe late 70’s or early ’80s?

    1. Hi Jenny

      You’ve helped answer my question (what Mozart piece was it?!), so I’ll help with what I remember, which has always stuck in my head:
      In 15 days they fixed my car
      I sing their praises in the shower
      All my pistons came at once
      when I found Prosser Power.
      I used to know more – if it pops back in my head I’ll come back!

  121. Just wondering if you knew where I could find that political ad “It’s a typical Aussie morning”
    It was either done in the late 1970’s or 1980.

    1. Here you go my friend….I remember it well. “Have a Go”. A Channel 10 network production, would you believe. Performed by The Mojo Singers.

      Cheers Greg

      “It’s a typical Aussie morning
      On a typical Aussie day
      And I love this place I was born in
      In a typical Aussie way
      But I’d sure hate to lose that sunshine
      And I feel that it’s slipping away
      We’re going to have to wake up sometime
      That everything is not OK

      Lets all climb that mountain,
      That’s what mountains are for,
      Lets all stand up and be counted,
      So we can do what’s worth working for,
      ‘Ave a go
      You can do it,
      ‘Ave a go,
      You’ll come through it,
      It’s how we got the country started,
      Boots and all and not half-hearted”…

  122. Can anyone remember the ad (& provide a link) to the ad that showed two little girls in the schoolyard. One opened up her homemade snack and chattered on about it “My mum….etc”and the second girl let her speak and then opened up her lunch box and took out the brand name snack and said “My Mum has a life” It was a brilliant ad & it was pretty sad when they took it off & then amended it because it wasn’t PC

  123. Could some1 tell me were I could find the add in 2004, it was about a woman who had lifted her mans legs an she pushin him back an forward like a Hoover, thanks

  124. Does anybody remember the animation ad from the 1980’s with these characters running around on the backs of others? It was about greed?

  125. Anyone know where I can find this ad [I think a few people have asked about it].

    It was an ad for The Natural Gas Company [could be Integral], I know it was shown in Australia sometime between 1988 – 1992.
    Anyway, the ad features a cat sitting on a windowsill outside a closed window at night. The cat jumps off and the doorbell rings. We see someone go to answer it. The cat is sitting there and speaks the line “Who closed the window hmm”?
    Anyone seen this? Please let me know.

    1. I loved that ad so much I got the cat (a British blue) after waiting 27 years and I love him. Please let me know if you find the ad, I would love to see it again. We still talk about it after all these years.

  126. isn’t it funny how we do remember parts of adds but not all of it, my one i can’t remember fully is ” at the devine school of ballet when you abbonden yourself to the music strange and wonderful things start to happen” this is a large man doing ballet stretches against a lounge. now the question what was it advertising so i can get a link or find thanks.

    1. “At the Devine School of Ballet we believe in beauty, poise and grace. As you abandon yourself to the music, strange and wonderful things happen.”

      This was an Australian advert for the Yellow Pages (there was a string of them remember the “Not happy Jan!” – and of course in the yellow pages his business appeared as the “Divine School of Ballet”

      Great advert! Tragically I also cannot find it anywhere 🙁

  127. does anyone have a copy of the Nestle Chokito candy bar ad featuring the hush group(chokito really gets you going)

  128. Does anyone remember an ad in the eightys/ninetys that had a dog answering quiz questions – one about the kyber and the dog answered pass.
    Can you tell me the product and if you know where the ad can be seen

    1. What is the square root of 623?
      “24.96” says the dog..
      Now I’m going to be racking my brains about this all day.

  129. Im looking for the details of the ad of 2 cowboys walk in to a bar and order a schooner of milk, and the bar maid says ” that will keep you going all night”. As I wasn’t around when this ad was on tv I don’t know any of the details. So any information to help locate this ad would be much appreciated.


  130. I’m looking for an ad from 1999 or 2000. It was a TV ad for the AFL where a groom is left waiting in the church while the bride is at the footy. If anyone knows where I can find this ad I would be grateful! Post here if so!

  131. Does anyone know if I can view the Mobil Anti-Wear commercial online? About 1970s..theme sung to Roger Miller’s ” King of the Road “. Great ad!
    thanks , Isy

  132. I’m not Australian, but I lived in Australia from 1982 to 1986. I don’t whether it says to the quality of the ads in the 80s, or specifically Australian ads, but I still recall at least half of these ads; and mind you, I was only six or seven years old during that time. Couple of others – Lipton’s “Everybody’s Jiggling”, Tooheys, Taranga Zoo, the jingles to which pop into my head at various times. There is one ad I’ve been trying to trace, don’t know whether anyone can help me – it was a cricket ad, whether for the Ashes, or the World Cup – where it starts out with convicts who then transition into cricketers, like the ball and chain into a cricket ball, something else into the cricket bat…like I said, I was pretty small at the time, and that’s all I seem to remember, but I really liked it even then.

  133. Hi,

    Hoping someone can help… Am looking for a few FORD ads, early or mid 2000, ‘you’d be popular too if you were a ford dealer’ theme. There is one where a dealer hitches a ride, another catches a bus. Does anyone remember (and have the clips)?

    Thanks so much!

  134. Does anyone have a link for the “typing centre” ad – “my name is Judy Suiter, and I have the best most interesting job in the world!”?

    1. The one I remember went, “I’m Judy Suitor. After eight hours I’m typing twenty words a minute – it’s the only way!” then a voiceover, “Television Typing Centre, T&G Building, 313145.” But then, I’m from Brisbane, and yours may have been different.

  135. I am looking for the ad for Williams Shoes 1970’s. The jingle was “Jeepers Creepers where’d you get those sneakers” I am trying to find this ad for my friend Wayne. He and his twin brother were the 2 children used in the ad.

  136. Hi
    Trying to find a Snappy Tom Cat Commercial
    Megs and Sp otty
    They are sitting on the edge of a jetty, fishing. One asks the other “Is this the edge of the World?”
    The end lines I remember as “I Want Snappy Tom all the Time”


  137. Can anyone remember an ad in the 70’s that featured a harried mum in the kitchen, I think , and she yells out “Jeffery!, You savage”!

  138. Help me!! An ad from the mid 70s, 2 people meeting talking about Rose and cray all steamy and hot, and a nice something with a sauce chevron. Its driving me MAD!!

  139. Around the mid to late 90’s an Aus t.v network featured an insurance ad. Main character was a claymation lizard. It’s a fast paced ad where the lizard is seen to be arguing with & yelling at “barry” on the phone, with lizards euro sports car in the background. Suddenly something goes wrong and lizards car get’s squashed! he’s then heard to say….”I’ll get back to ya’ barry!”. Where oh’ where can I find it?

    1. I would also love a copy of these ads I was to young to remember them but it is my father whom I never got to meet. Is there anyone that can help?

  140. I’m really hoping someone can help me. The ad was in late 80’s or early 90’s I think and was for meat, maybe lamb? A border collie looks in a butcher shop window and the butcher tells him “No Bone”. It had violin music by, I think, Stephane Grappelli. I’m really after the name of the song played on violin but I’d be grateful for any help at all.

  141. I’m looking for a late 70’s Australian TV advert for Coca Cola, where they use a Holden penal van with Dinosaurs painted on the side of it. Anyone remember this?

  142. Does anyone remeber an add ” Its Saturday night our work is done were going into town” Etc.. Does anyone know whath the add was for?

  143. Does anyone know where I can find the Soothers Tv Ad where it says “Johnny, go down to the store and get me a packet of soothers.
    Is that all you want?
    What do you mean is that all I want, You think I like talking with a dry sore throat, Get out of here you idiot.

    I would love to find this to settle a debate with hubby who doesnt believe me about the wording in this ad.

  144. When we lived in Canberra the ACT Electricity company was running an ad continually about cooking with electricity, washing with electricity etc. My son was just starting to talk and each time we would drive through Civic he would point his little fat finger at the ACT Electricity sign and say something which we couldn’t quite get until one day we stopped and got out and again the little finger pointed and the word ‘cooking’ was clearly heard! The power of advertising!

  145. Anyone remember the Leggo’s ad before it was removed of a young boy standing at the front door watching his dad walk up to it with meat he’d bought from the butchers? Boy yells to his mum, “Hey mum open up the Leggo’s, here comes dad with the meat!” …lol

  146. There are a few 80’s australian commercials that I am still looking for.

    1. Two adds for Moccona coffee which feature an incredibly posh woman (“I say…you doooont drink moccona”) and her speechless husband. One was set at a zoo and the other near the big ben in london.

    2. The makita tools commercial with the Jingle…”Gimme my makita back mack”

    3. The add for the lite chips (which no longer exist). Its set in the old west and the townspeople are about to hang someone. Or tar and feather him. Then some guy shows up and sings to the camera “Always look on the lite side of life.dada…dadadada”. As the add finishes, he says…And dont forget to eat the chips”.

    4. A commercial for O neills adventureland. Any would do

    5. An old triple M commercial which starts of inside a portable stereo sytem. We see a conveyer belt full of male angels been created. One is standing on top playing the triple M theme with a guitar. When the camera pulls out to show stereo, it explodes and becomes the triple M logo

    1. Dude, I wish I could help with 1 through to 4, because I remember them and wish I could see them again, too!!!
      However, I found the Triple M advert about a year ago, though I can’t remember why I was looking for it. Anyway, I hope this is the one you were talking about.
      Now I just hope that you can find the ad that I’m looking for…

  147. I remember an old 70s commercial for polly waffles…in which the old parliament house in canberra in covered in chocolate. Then a wrapping covers it..and it becomes a polly waffles. We also see a minister inside eating one

  148. What was the ad that cornered the catch phrase “that’ll be the phone reg, under the bonnet son ” driving a friend and myself crazy

  149. Does anyone remember the Wally Walpamur Ad. Late 70’s or early 80’s – chimp with a yellow shirt and a paint roller? My favourite ad as a kid.

  150. I’m looking for an ad, I think it had

    Rory O’Donoghue from Aunty jack fame singing. A soup ad where some of the lyrics were,— “Oh, you beautiful soup, you great big beautiful soup” to the tune of ” Oh you beautiful doll.”
    Anyone? anyone?…

  151. Dose anyone have the link to the chickadees commercial where a chicken has long toes while whearing thongs and plays the banjo singing chickadees chickadees there chicken flavoured and crunchy

  152. I’m trying to find the video of what I think is a Ponds ad. Has a mum and her daughter (little blonde girl) saying “we need a bottle, and a blankie, and a stroller. Just to go shopping”.
    Also (and this is a long shot)
    An ad for the SA grocer chain Toms. “I’m tom, I’m tom, I’m tom, he’s David!”
    TIA if you have any leads 🙂

  153. Has anyone got a link to the “where will you hide your coolabah” ad from the early 70’s i think , very keen to find it

  154. Has anyone got a link to the “ah yes i remember it well , we dined at 9 , we dined at 8…..” ad for wine I think, keen to find this one, thanks

  155. I’m looking for a dog food ad from the late 80s/early 90s which used the song “She Believes in Me”. It was a man coming home late at night, sneaking into the house quietly, going to bed, and instead of a wife next to him, there was a dog. Anyone remember that one, or know if it is online anywhere? I’ve been looking for years. Thanks!

  156. I’m looking for an 70s/ 80s animated ad about saving water. At one point it showed a child playing in the bath. It was showing in Adelaide around the same time as the Life Be In It and Vitamins ads and had a catchy jingle.

  157. Does anyone remember that old (Heinz or Campbells) Tomato Soup ad where the young girl is waiting for her dad to get home and they use the song “Someone to Watch Over Me” in the background? i need to know who sings that version of the song! 🙂

  158. could you dig up the “chatting cab driver” adverts.
    they were South Australian.
    where the passenger doesn’t get a word in.

  159. Trying to find “What about me it isn’t fair” old commercial back in the 80’s it showed images of people.
    Please help

  160. I remember one, where a guy wanted to be in the shower with a model, so he got to be a soap on a string, but then a fat woman appears and he wasn’t happy.

  161. Was it a mars ad back in the 90’s early 200s’s that an old lady is driving a car and at the end i believe i heard her say aren’t christians grand.

  162. I’m looking forward a Dettol ad from the 1980’s with the theme “every little boy thinks he can fly” which shows a young boy with a cape pretending to be Superman jumping off a small wall. When he falls and scrapes his knee Mum is there with the Dettol. Anyone know what I’m referring to?

  163. I’d like to find the old one that has the young bloke trying to buy a sandwich and the shop owner telling him; ‘We don’t serve your kind here’ and the young bloke says ‘but I’ve got the money’
    People I know trot the line out often but I don’t really know what it refers to

    1. It might be the ‘4 cappucinos’ ad from the mid-80s – an anti-discrimination advert; the jingle was ‘C’mon – give us a go!’

      Setup was 4 disabled kids go into a cafe and ask for ‘Four cappucinos please. And a sausage roll – with sauce on it!’

      The owner first tells them the cappucino machine’s broken, to which one of the kids says something like, “It says so up there!” pointing to the menu board.

      The owner then tells them to get out and says he’s not serving ‘their kind’ in his shop (or similar), with one of the kids saying, “Here’s the money…” as the owner kicks them out.

      Then the voiceover cuts in to say that discrimination in Victoria is unlawful, followed by the jingle.

      I have been looking for a copy of this ad for years!!

  164. Ok, this one was probably from the early 80s. My memories of it are a little hazy now. I believe it was an ad for Kodak film it had a slow, sweet song, some of which I still remember:

    I can remember a million places,
    [Line deleted from memory]
    Old friend’s faces.
    [Lines deleted]
    The days it rained, the years it didn’t.
    A bottle with a message in it.

    Those are the only lines of the song that I remember for sure. The ad MIGHT have been for a different brand of film, but it was definitely for camera film of some sort…

    Anyway, that song used to make me sad and nostalgic back when I was still only 7 years old, so I’d VERY much like to find that ad again. I can’t seem to do it, though.

  165. I was on a classic tv commercial for a Christian group in Adelaide. I was asked What does Easter mean to you? I replied in a shallow way, Holidays. It was roundabout in the 80s or 90s. All my friends still remember that ad and some have even tried to find it.

    1. Nice that you were in that ad! I was just looking on YouTube for the ad but couldn’t find it :(. As a Chrisian, I liked the Christian responses especially but we all remember the little kid at the start saying, “The Easter Bunny comes and we build a nest for him”.

  166. I’m looking for the A Hudson hardware ads or clayton’s drink ads with jack thompson. can anyone help? thanks.

  167. The old ad for Canberra TV was filmed at my local swimming pool which has since been dug up, along with the car park and the primary and high schools on either side for a housing estate. Pool was closed for months with big orange curtains up around the outside of the pool so we couldn’t see what was going on and no one was told. Had us curious for nearly a year!

  168. Does anyone recall an ad (I think it’s for After Eight dinner mints) where they are at a table having dinner, I think the host or somebody offers or suggests dessert and someone says “oh I couldn’t possibly fit another thing in!” I’ve googled the dinner mints ads and nothing comes up but I swear I’m not imagining the ad. Can anyone help?

  169. Can anyone help re an ad where someone says “oh I couldn’t possibly fit another thing in”. I thought it was for those After Eight dinner mints but nothing comes up. I think they’re a bit posh, sitting around a dinner table eating a feast of a meal and someone suggests dessert and then someone says the line above, and then I think they change their mind when they see the dinner mints? Help, it’s driving me crazy!

  170. I am after an ad where some ruffian young guys take over a seat, a disabled guy tries to tell them not to sit there (there is a sign on the back of the seat saying wet paint), but one of the guys says This seat is for special people and another one replies, Yeh special people like us… Not sure if it’s a thins chips add (not as thick as some) or something like that. Possibly 80’s. Please help.

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