Breast Cancer Awareness Stories

Solos Health has launched its Breast Cancer Awareness site with videos on Google Video and YouTube this month, another contribution to Breast Cancer Awareness Month. The campaign includes videos from Bree Williamson, Maria Kowroski and Mena Suvari, well known actors, talking about their experience of breast cancer.

Bree Williamson asks How Well Do You Know Your Breasts?

Bree Williamson<, who plays Jessica Buchanan in ABC soap, One Life to Live, asks viewers how well they know their breasts. "I mean you push 'em up, puff 'em out, you put them on display, but do you really know your bumps and lumps? 8 out of 10 lumps aren't cancerous, but do you really know what a fibrocyst feels like? What if I could tell you how to become intimately acquainted with your pair? No, no, not like that. I'm talking about a self breast exam. They're not just important to do regularly, they're essential. Knowing what feels normal on your body can mean the difference between life or death. Seriously. Over 70 percent of breast cancer diagnoses are found by women who do self breast exams regularly. Don't forget to look at them in the mirror. For information on resources go to".

Click on the image below to play Bree Williamson’s video.

Maria Kowroski on Losing A Mother

Maria Kowroski, a dancer with New York City Ballet, talks about losing her mother to breast cancer a year and a half ago. “There isn’t a day that goes by that I don’t think about her. Life is precious. It made me realise how important it is to take care of my body. Everything from eating well to doing self breast exams to making sure I talk to my doctor about the tiniest change. Do you know what I found out recently? I learned that even though I have a higher risk for a breast cancer diagnosis, 85% of yearly diagnoses have no family history. Yes you heard that correctly. A genetic disposition doen’t guarantee a diagnosis. So what’s the overall lesson? Get to know yourself. Make sure you know what your breasts look and feel like. And if you notice any changes make sure you contact your doctor as quickly as possible. Early detection and education are key. For information on resources go to”.

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Mena Suvari says Take Action on Breast Cancer

Mena Suvari, known for her roles as Angela Hayes in American Beauty and Edie in Six Feet Under, talks about breast cancer awareness. “Did you know that over 212,000 cases of breast cancer were diagnosed last year. 212,000. That’s one diagnosis every 2 minutes. Every 14 minutes a family loses a mother, a wife, an aunt or sister. Sometimes even a father or brother. In the time it takes to say this, another person will hear those dreadful days, “You have breast cancer”. Don’t feel powerless. Take action. Make a monthly exam date with yourself. If you’re over 40 actually get that yearly mammogram. Or better yet, educate yourself and go out into your community to share your knowledge. For information on resources in your community, and ways to get involved, go to”.

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Breast Cancer Awareness Credits

The videos, commissioned by Solos Health, were written by Hannah Ashmore, directed and edited by Joe Glickman, and produced by Steve M. Parker, Jr.

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