10 Easter Advertisements

Here’s ten print advertisements from around the world, using the Easter theme to connect with the public through chocolate, bunnies, chickens, and Jesus.

TBWA Easter Sunday picnic

Finally a Sunday off. TBWA Warsaw celebrates Easter Sunday with the Death club’s picnic, developed by creative director Pawel Borowski, art director Malgorzata Koterba, copywriter Agnieszka Klimczak and photographer Lucja Sokolowska.

Scandic Hilton Easter Chicken

Scandic Hilton in Sweden provides us with an Easter angle for getting away. “Get away this Easter. Find your own reason to get away this Easter.” Developed at Momentum, Stockholm, Sweden, by art director Marcus Enstrom and copywriter Marie Swahn.

Trendy Easter Bunny

Trendy Easter. Menos cuento. Mas Dulces. Less talk. More candies. Developed at Leche2, Santiago, Chile by creative director Sebastian Arteaga, art director José Isla, copywriter Tomás Rodríguez and illustrator Miguel Vergara.

Easter Stained Glass road safety message

Stained Glass road safety message from April 2004, developed at Saatchi & Saatchi Sydney, by David Nobay, Anthony Moss and Matt Gilmour, with account supervisor Mark Green, advertiser’s supervisor Harold Scruby and typographer/illustrator Lorenz Perry and illustrator Linds Redding.

New Scientist Bunny

New Scientist Easter Bunny from 2004 at DDB Sydney by Garry Horner, Misha McDonald and Michael O’Rourke with photographer Andrew Gardner.

Easter Urban Arts Week Shell

Shop Livingston has produced its latest event campaign for its Easter Urban Arts Week. The clever use of imagery aims to attract more shoppers into the Centre by offering fun and exciting events, and therefore encouraging them to ShopLivingston, as opposed to going to Edinburgh or Glasgow. Developed at Tsuko, Edinburgh by creative director Pete Bastiman, art director Simon Philips, copywriter Pete Bastiman and photographer Robbie Smith.

Easter Bunny Mix

M&Ms Easter Egg, promoting Bunny Mix, developed at BBDO New York by chief creative officers David Lubars and Bill Bruce, executive creative director Susan Credle, creative directors Tim Bayne and Lauren Connolly, copywriter Paul Janzen, art director Paul Oberlin, agency producer Lauren Cofield and photographer Mark Viker.

Nestle Diet Evil Bunny

Nestle Chocolate Bunny Doesn’t Have to Be Evil. Developed at CumminsNitro, Melbourne, by creative director Sean Cummins, art director Jason Hynes, copywriter Julie Poulter, typographer Rowan Hammerton and photographer Mat Baker.

Jesus in Che Poster Style

Churches Advertising Network in the UK released this print advertisement for 1999, provoking protests from those who did not like the connection between Jesus and South American revolutionary Che Guevara.

Pieta scene in Jan Becher Pernod Ricard print ad

Jan Becher Pernod Ricard appealed to Czech readers to be careful on the roads over Easter in 2005, using a reference to the Pieta, the classic scene in which Mary grieves over the body of Jesus. “Please, drink responsibly this Easter” is the message associated with Tequila Olmeca. Developed at Mark BBDO

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  1. These are great but I wish more advertising campaigns for Easter would focus on Jesus resurrection and its messages. Every year Easter seems to be more about selling chocolate instead of teaching about Jesus, which is not healthy for a world that is becoming increasing overweight.

  2. It’s not healthy for a world that’s increasingLY unable to use suffixes also.

    Even if it’s not about Jesus and religion, it at least should be about making a connection with your family and celebrating an opportunity to connect on a proper level since people seem to have no time for each other these days.

    My personal opinion though is that this site which is about advertising and inpsiration for it, shouldn’t be shot down for posting advertisements that were cool.

    WATTA… I love easter eggz especially easter hunts i can jst push away litttle kidz hahahahah ( BULLY ) hahaha 😛

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