Air New Zealand Grabaseat Cougar Contest

Air New Zealand is promoting the Grab A Seat bargain site with “Cougar Pride”, a competition connected with the NZI Sevens rugby tournament being held in Wellington, 5-6 February 2010. Cougars are women 35 and over who prefer their meat rare, at least 10 years their junior.

Air New Zealand Grabaseat Cougar Site

Grabaseat is looking for 60 of these exquisite creatures to join them at the sold out NZI Sevens in Wellington as their pride of cougar cheerleaders. Winning contestants will be given cougar costumes and the equipment to to make enough noise to attract the attention of young males. And to make sure the pride doesn’t go hungry, 10 brave young men recruited by ZM will be thrown in as fresh meat to the winners in Wellington. The Cougar competition finished at midnight on January 18, the same day the ZM Rare Meat campaign started.

Air New Zealand Grabaseat Cougar Site

The Cougar Pride contest was promoted in December 2009 and January 2010 with a commercial providing a David-Attenborough-like commentary on the behaviour of the Cougars and their impact on the young single male population in the city bars of New Zealand. As can be expected the campaign has not impressed advocates for womans rights in New Zealand. Nevertheless, at least 60 woman have registered their interest on the Cougar Pride site.

Click on the image below to play the Air New Zealand Grabaseat Cougar video.

Air New Zealand Grabaseat Cougar Credits

The Air New Zealand Grabaseat Cougar campaign was developed at .99 Auckland, the same team behind the “Nothing To Hide” Air New Zealand campaign.

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  1. I would love to see this game never been to a sevens game in mylifetime.What a amazing experience it would be.

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