Adobe Creativity for All

Adobe has launched “Creativity for All”, an advertising campaign designed to connect with viewers of the 2020 Academy Awards. The television and online commmercial at the heart of the campaign edits together a wide range of creative media, including illustrations, animations and photographs. Beginning with Vanessa Rivera’s Adobe Photoshop splash image, Vienna Mermaid, the Adobe Creativity for All commercial whizzes through the work of many designers, with icons from the digital era such as Malala Yousafzai and Shepard Fairey’s posters, all set to the song “Pure Imagination” sung by Gene Wilder. Adobe is also running “Creativity for all – Credits”, a “thank you” trailer made for the creative community, recognizing every artist who had a hand in creating the beautiful imagery featured in the spot with over 1,000 names and 459 lines of credits.

Malala Yousafzai in Adobe Creativity for All commercial

“For generations, creativity was reserved for the lucky few with the means to pursue their passions. But thankfully, times have changed–and in today’s world, the tools to create are available to everyone, everywhere,” said Wes Phelan, creative director, GS&P. “’Creativity for all’ is more than a film. It’s a rallying cry for the modern era of creation. A call to arms for creatives and creators across the world.”

GS&P creative director Matt Edwards noted that the spot reflects “a commitment by Adobe and Goodby Silverstein & Partners to continue working toward a world where everyone who wants to make something, can.”

Adobe has launched a social campaign with philanthropic partner Teach for America. Under the #CreativityForAll banner, the campaign will serve as a call to action that everyone can express themselves creatively. Audiences, viewers, followers and fans will be encouraged to think about their Oscar moment and who they would like to thank. For every hashtag, #CreativityForAll mention, Adobe will donate $5 to @TeachForAmerica from Feb 6-11 to help inspire the organization with the goal of reaching 15,000 teachers and 500,000 students who otherwise wouldn’t have access to creative tools or programs.

“Creativity is the great enabler and it’s within all of us,” said Ann Lewnes, EVP and chief marketing officer at Adobe. “Creativity has the power to influence politics, culture and social norms so it’s critical that we hear from a broader, more diverse set of voices, especially the next generation of creators.”

Malala Yousafzai in Adobe Creativity for All commercial
Shepard Fairey poster Make Art not war as featured in Adobe Creativity for All commercial

Adobe Creativity for All Credits

The Adobe Creativity for All campaign was developed at Goodby Silverstein & Partners by co-founders/partners Jeff Goodby and Rich Silverstein, chief creative officer Margaret Johnson, creative directors Matt Edwards and Wes Phelan, art director Jason Gan, copywriter Clark Chamberlin, head of broadcast production Leila Gage, executive producer Tess Kenner, director of graphic services Jim King.

The creative work was produced at Buck by executive creative director Ryan Honey, creative directors Jenny Ko and Georgia Tribuiani, associate creative director Richard Gray, art director Kyle Strope, executive producer Luisa Murray, producers Sunny Sattari and Ryan Mack, animation director Daniel Coutinho, animation leads Esteban Esquivo and Peter Kallstrom, editors Paal Rui, Billy Kostka, Marianne Karaan, and Andrew Gura, storyboard artist Silvia Bassoli, designers Ayla Murtada, Ben Nichols, Camily Tsai, Chelsea Lee, Dae-Han Yi, Daniel Hyo Kim, Debora Cruchon, Esther Moon, Eve Hodgkinson, Jigyu (Jigs) Yoon, Jong Lee, Kenneth Robin, Kevin Kim, Lauren Gaballo, Lina Yu, Mike Payne, Mike Tello, Shannon Rollins, Soon Joo, Zoe Schneider, animators Jake Armstrong, Jasmine Ung, Jasper Hilgers, Junyi Xiao, Kyle Griggs, Sam Kim, Stephen Loveluck, Taylor Griggs, and Zach Eastburg.

Sound was designed and mixed at One Union by senior audio engineer Eben Carr and executive producer Jaylen Block-Smith.

Music, “Pure Imagination”, sung by Gene Wilder, was written by Anthony Newley and Leslie Bricusse.

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