Turn on TV AIDS Campaign

MTV Networks International and WPP have partnered with Global Media Aids Initiative (GMAI) and five advertising agencies to launch a collection of 24 videos raising awareness of AIDS. The campaign debuts today, December 1, for World AIDS Day, at www.staying-alive.org/turnontv.

Turnontv Screenshot

180 Amsterdam provides “Trust a Condom”, featuring an animated talking penis. Y&R provide “Roulette”, featuring a couple at a cafe table skirting around their infidelities. Each time the man or woman refers to an act of unfaithfulness he or she aims a gun at the other and shoots a blank. The super: “You may not hurt someone by cheating. You may kill them. Be monogamous or be safe.”

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W+K Portland provides a set of three videos, “Fingerbangers”, to demonstrate the dos and don’ts of safe sex.

Stink has women shot by the men who have just seduced them, demonstrating the destructive power of unprotected sex. “The Joy of Non Sex”, also shot by Neil Harris, introduces the unsatisfying Lock of Gibraltar, Journey of the Otter to demonstrate how simple it is to use condoms. “Ex Partners” produces an orgy of 24 bodies to demonstrate the implications of unprotected sex – connecting with an ever-widening circle of unseen sexual partners. “You and Me Baby” combines animal mating videos with the Bloodhound Gang song, “Discovery Channel”.

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Lowe Worldwide contributes seven spots. “Plumbers” and “Plumbers Office” begin like cheap porn movies but show men not getting any action because of their lack of condoms. “Bald Guys” provides a manic comedy approach to dangerous sexual activity. Gossip 1 and 2, from Lowe Mexico, show the effects of rumour mongering that stem from assumptions made when Sonia and Walter take an HIV test. “Sharing Sex”, from Lowe Thailand, shows the effects of promiscuity on women. “25 Years MTV” plays on the Buggles hit, “Video Played the Radio Star”, to reflect on why we won’t talk about what is killing the Video Stars.

GMAI Campaign Background

The GMAI, which was launched by UN Secretary-General Kofi Annan in 2004, aims to mobilise the world’s media in the fight against AIDS. Bill Roedy, President of MTV Networks International, is the Founding Chair of the GMAI’s Leadership Committee. Since its launch 150 companies from 76 countries have participated in developing, producing or airing HIV and AIDS messaging. The initiative was conceived by the Kaiser Family Foundation and UNAIDS.

Sir Martin Sorrell, CEO of WPP, in partnership with Mr Roedy, approached the agencies earlier this year asking them to use their expertise to fight HIV & AIDS – 25 years after the disease was first diagnosed. The agencies produced their work pro bono, and some will release additional spots early in 2007.

“This unique campaign mobilises the most innovative communications experts from the worlds of media and advertising to deliver powerful HIV prevention messages across multiple screens,” commented Mr Roedy. “The agencies have marshalled incredible talent, from their directors, designers, actors and musicians, for a campaign that addresses the hard hitting issues behind the rise in HIV infection, particularly among youth and women. Turn on TV is a great example of the important role media can play in helping prevent HIV infection through creativity and collaboration.”

“The agencies have produced powerful work with these new AIDS spots. They show what we can do when we put our creative talents to the service of the global fight against AIDS,” said Sir Martin.

According to UNAIDS, the United Nations Program on HIV/AIDS, 39.5 million people around the world are now infected with HIV, with 4.3 million new infections in 2006. Every six seconds someone is infected with the virus. More than half of new infections are among young people, and more than half are among women.

Turn on TV is also being made available to World Broadcasting Union members and GMAI participating companies.

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