Danish Speed Patrol by Bikini Bandits

The Danish Road Safety Council this month launched a viral campaign designed to draw attention to the speed limits on Copenhagen roads. A short documentary (2 minutes 30 seconds) tells the world about the Speed Patrol Bikini Bandits, topless blondes who stand at the side of the road holding speed limit signs.

Bikini Bandit holds a 50 km speed limit sign

Spotlight on the World, a fictional RFSF news program, brings a story from Bart Sweeney in Copenhagen. “For years the Danes have had a tolerant and casual attitude towards just about everything – from sex, to drinking their beloved beer. Even to casual speeding. There is a positive trend. But seven out of ten motorists are still pushing the limit. But now the Danes seem to have become less tolerant of speeding motorists and they’ve come up with a rather innovative solution.”

“Make way for the speed control Bikini Bandits. A specially trained team of enthusiastic young women not afraid to do whatever it takes so that motorists pay more attention to the speed limit.”

Click on the image below to play the video.

Heidi Svendsen, head bandit says, “Sure what we do is extreme but I know from my heart what we are doing is working. People are slowing down. People are noticing.

It’s a fantastic idea. It’s really kind of obvious. Why didn’t they think of this sooner? A turban wearing taxi driver is asked, “What do you think about the Bikini Bandits?” “The Bikini Bandits? Denmark has redeemed itself!”, he says. But the plan wasn’t entirely foolproof, says Sweeney. Brent Koch Hansen, Traffic Police, says, “In the beginning the Bikini Girls worked great. But let’s say it wasn’t entirely thought through.” One could argue that traffic in Copenhagen and much of Denmark has come to a total standstill, thus pushing the tolerance level of many Danes. A woman says to the camera, “I don’t like them and I know a lot of others that feel the same.”

Heidi responds, “I couldn’t care less what anybody said. If people are slowing down we’ve done our jobs and since we’re the world’s best we will continue to do our jobs.”

Heidi Svendsen, Head Bikini Bandit, speaks to the camera

Sweeney concludes, “There you have it. Denmark’s Speed Patrol Bikini Bandits. Like them or not, now Danish speed limits are rarely ignored and nearly impossible to miss.”

The campaign was released at www.speedbandits.dk on November 6 and has since been hosted on YouTube, blogs and other sites and viewed by thousands around the world.


The Bikini Bandit campaign was designed at Small But Global with filming directed by Peter Harton at Far From Hollywood, Copenhagen.

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  1. That’s a total joke. But from what I’ve heard you can do just about anything as long as it doesn’t “offend anyone”. What bullcrap .. I don’t think it will last long. Dumb whores.

  2. In Denmark topless nudity is not as big a deal as it might be elsewhere. Especially when it is portrayed as part of a good cause, and with a gleam in the eye, like here.

  3. AmeriDane, go and breath on the Moon, and get comfortable moronite.
    I think what they’re doing is radically interesting and well intended. However, there might be a slight threat to driving safety. Heidi rocks by the way.

  4. Are you all idiots? “Spotlight on the World, a fictional RFSF news program, brings a story from Bart Sweeney in Copenhagen.” Operative word: fictional. AmeriDick should shoot himself, though. And Heidi does rock.

  5. Spoof or not – bad ideas spread like wildfire across the international road network, basically because few have any perception of how dangerous it really is.

    Roads are (quite understandably) taken for granted and we’re all experts, aren’t we?

    Until people (like those involved in this particular piece of idiocy) start to treat roads, road users and their problems with the respect they deserve, the mayhem will continue.

    The question has been posed before, but it’s worth repeating, “Why is it assumed that in the case of road safety no specialised knowledge is necessary?”

    Other questions worth asking might be, “When will we see the results of the activity (spoof or not) reported above, where will it be reported, where were the controls?”

  6. This is truly a spoof to get our hopes up. True traffic would slow down, but no way this would be passed because of the safety concerns. No one would be looking at the road. The distraction would slow traffic but cause more accidents due to the rubber necking.

  7. aha ! great! too bad it is fictional… its’ for a good cause too… but it looks cold out there, just work in shifts and that will be fine, thank you

  8. This is a copy and adaptation of a Brazilian original show, called ‘Pânico na TV’. click on the link and check for youself. We did it long before Denmark!


    Youtube original video

  9. Funny! Been there and see them. I guess I was seeing things? It is real as it gets for you information. Dont have to believe me . You get on plane and go see yourself.

    1. I think it’s a good idea and I’m a female myself. If it helps with safety then why not? I commend them for being passionate and helping others. Very innovative and clever idea imo
      I hope they continue this

  10. I loved this idea !!! It’s fantastic !!!! It’s wonderfoul girls too !!! i’m a brazilian man and I like very much!!! Her can go to Brazil with idea !!!!

    1. Breast make you want to vomit? Well make a video of that, post on the web and maybe you’ll attract someone who shares your tastes! 😉

  11. Great idea, the only problem I see is having to drive whilst eating a sandwich, talking on the phone with a hot coffee between your knees and now knocking one out at the same time. Could be dangerous.

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